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Daniel “Diffside45” Araujo is the first ever Luxembourg participant to qualify for an IESF World Championship Final event. From 16 to 18 November, Daniel competed against the 23 remaining opponents for the title of the 2021 IESF eFootball World Champion in Eilat, Israel.

After an incredible performance during the group stage on the first 2 days, where he managed to win all his encounters (5-0), he faced the Georgian athlete and later world champion Rati Nanava in the quarter finals. The first match of the best-of-5 ended in an unfortunate loss for the Luxembourg athlete. Daniel, who had never played on-stage before, had to win at least three matches in order to stay in the competition, but the Georgian athlete proved to be a strong opponent and won the best-of-5 against Daniel. However, the Luxembourg athlete finished the tournament in a fantastic 5th place.

The competition had athletes from various professional teams like José Carlos Sánchez Guillén, eFootballer of FC Bayern Munich, who finished in 3rd place.

Top 5 of the IESF eFootball World Championships:

1. Rati Nanava, Georgia
2. Celic Hernández, Mexico
3. Jose Carlos Sánchez Guillén
4. Raffaele Pagliuca, Italy
5. Daniel Araujo, Luxembourg

In the upcoming year, the Luxembourg Esports federation (LESF) will host qualifiers for the various game titles again to find the Luxembourg representatives for the 2022 IESF World Championships in Bali, Indonesia.

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