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Daniyal “yamich” Lazebnyy, who last played for Winstrike, is joining Dota 2 roster. He will be talking over his usual role of position 4.

Sergey Glamazda, CEO of“We are constantly keeping tabs on promising young players. Daniyal has been showing consistent progress for the past several years, that’s why when we faced the necessity of a roster change, his candidature was brought up. We discussed the possibility of inviting him to the test games, and his organization agreed. The plan was to buy him out if the roster was to show the real potential.

During the test games yamich did a phenomenal job. He was proactive and the team really liked playing with him. On top of that, he’s not a rookie on the pro scene, has good mechanical skills and fits our team’s playstyle.

Bottom line: the roster is complete and already preparing for the new DPC season at the bootcamp. Team captain is going to be gpk~.” Daniyal «yamich» Lazebnyy, player in Dota 2: “I think my hard work paid off and I got my invite to During the test games I tried to show what I was capable of. The guys were really easygoing in communication and beasts in game. I’m in the Bear’s squad now and I’m happy to have a chance to play among such skilled players.”

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