tundra-esports-announces-new-official-supplier-partnership-with-gladiator-pcTundra Esports Announces New Official Supplier Partnership with Gladiator PC
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Tundra Esports, The International 11 Champions and a leading competitive esports team playing in Dota 2, proudly announces a game-changing collaboration with Gladiator PC, a pioneer in high-performance gaming technology as their Official Supplier.

As Tundra Esports continues its competitive success with its Dota 2 team on the road to the Esports World Cup, this alliance will provide top-of-the-line gaming hardware and solutions tailored to the players for the rigorous demands of the competitive scene.
This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for both as they join forces to elevate the team’s gaming experience on and off the stage. Both Tundra and Gladiator PC will combine their efforts in empowering the Dota 2 roster with their top of the range PC’s available. Through this collaboration, Tundra’s players and team members will benefit and showcase the award-winning systems to the next generation of avid gamers.
Together, Tundra and Gladiator PC aim to redefine what it means to compete at the highest level.
Maxim Demin Jr, Owner & Managing Director at Tundra Esports: “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Gladiator PC. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming hardware aligns perfectly with our strategic vision of competitive excellence in esports.”
Gladiator PC shares Tundra Esports enthusiasm for this partnership. “Joining forces with Tundra Esports and their fighting spirit represents a commonality of shared goals. We strive to deliver unprecedented quality at the very best competitive pricing”, said Ian Fraser, Managing Director of Gladiator PC. “We are confident that our cutting-edge technology will enable Tundra’s players to unleash their full potential and dominate the competition.”
The collaboration between Tundra Esports’ and Gladiator PC promises to deliver groundbreaking advancements in gaming performance, setting a new standard for the esports industry. Fans and competitors alike can look forward to witnessing the impressive results of this dynamic partnership.

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