geng-acquires-league-of-legends-data-analytics-platform-your.ggGen.G Acquires League of Legends Data Analytics Platform YOUR.GG


Global esports organization Gen.G announced their acquisition of YOUR.GG, a data analysis and networking platform for League of Legends players. This partnership comes as a new method for Gen.G to enhance the Gen.G Global Academy experience for students in the program. Gen.G is the first global esports academy equipped with such advanced analytical tools to help expand their offering to players looking to improve their game to a professional level.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work pioneering what is now the world’s largest esports academy. With over 10,000 students having gone through our curriculum, we see the clear need to develop better tools that gamers, coaches, and parents need to create the best gamers possible. YOUR.GG’s best-in-class data, technology and analytics combined with millions of hours of our professional and academy student coaching will be able to unlock the next generations of esports tools that can help realize the true potential of every student and pro in our program,” Arnold Hur, CEO of Gen.G, said.

This acquisition underscores the importance of data and analytics in developing and refining esports talent, a core principle at Gen.G. YOUR.GG will power both its pro team players and its academy students with data-driven tools and reports to foster growth and provide better insight into scouting for new talent.

“We plan to pioneer a shift in how talent is developed and measured in esports. By developing a tool that will bring a level of analysis and precision to esports that mirrors the most sophisticated training environments in traditional sports. We want to take a holistic approach to measure not just the data within the game, but how a student responds to coaching and feedback,” Min Chang Cha, Founder of YOUR.GG and current VP of Technology at Gen.G, said.