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The anticipated Lorgar Cup, a CS:GO tournament, reached its grand finale on July 2nd, marking the end of an intense competition that began on May 19th. The tournament showcased the skills of more than 200 teams hailing from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania.

In a display of exceptional talent, Team 500 emerged as the champions of the Lorgar Cup, securing their victory after a fierce battle. Hailing from Bulgaria, Team 500 demonstrated remarkable teamwork and skill, claiming the title and walking away with an impressive prize of $8,000 from the tournament’s prize fund.

Katuna, another Bulgarian team, showcased their prowess and secured an impressive 2nd place in the tournament. Their outstanding performance earned them a well-deserved prize of $4,500 from the prize fund.

The competition was truly fierce, and the players’ dedication and determination were on full display throughout the tournament. The thrilling final match saw them engage in a series of highly intense rounds, including an extraordinary four overtimes, to determine the strongest team.

The third-place spot was secured by Dynamo Eclot from the Czech Republic, whose strategic gameplay and skillful execution earned them a prize of $2,500. Meanwhile, IKLA from Ukraine demonstrated their proficiency and secured 4th place, receiving 5 Lorgar Embrace 533 Gaming Chairs as their prize.

The Lorgar Cup garnered significant attention from gaming enthusiasts worldwide, with thousands of  people tuning in to watch the broadcast of the thrilling final match. The high viewership is a testament to the tournament’s popularity and the excitement it generated among the CS:GO community.

Adding to the excitement, renowned gamers such as Jaxi, YXo, Petr1k, Niku, Zeus and others provided expert commentary during the tournament, enhancing the overall experience for the viewers and players alike.

In addition to the exhilarating tournament, Lorgar is pleased to announce «The Great Lorgar Giveaway». Participants have the incredible opportunity to win a range of amazing prizes, including Lorgar’s top-of-the-line gaming peripherals and even gaming chairs. With over 200,000 entries received from more than 3,000 participants already, the giveaway has gained tremendous traction. This presents a unique chance for gaming enthusiasts to enhance their gaming setup with cutting-edge equipment from Lorgar. The promotion will conclude on July 9th, so participants are encouraged to enter soon for a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes.

Lorgar remains committed to supporting the CS:GO community and will continue to support exciting events like the Lorgar Cup to showcase and celebrate the incredible talent and passion within the gaming world.

By George Miller

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