The International Esports Federation (IESF) is excited to announce that the 6th edition of the Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES) 2021 will take place on August 31 and September 1, 2021.

Following GEES20, and in light of the ongoing travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GEES21 will be a hybrid event. The summit will be hosted in-person at the Busan Esports Arena in Busan, South Korea and online around the world, as it shapes up to be a truly unique and groundbreaking event.
Attendees from IESF’s 104 member federations will be able to participate virtually in key discussions about issues affecting the international Esports industry. Networking is a cornerstone of the annual event, and attendees will partake in interactive and engaging experiences through the GEES21 platform.
Throughout GEES21, five core areas will be presented by influential speakers, including athletes and high-level executives from Esports and traditional sports industry, under the theme of Evolving and Adapting.

  • Fostering Growing Relationships
  • The Next Level of Esports
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Esports
  • Integrating Esports into Education
  • Understanding the Esports Landscape

IESF Secretary General Boban Totovski said: “We are looking forward to the largest edition of the Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES21) this year. The summit provides a platform for international Esports and sports leaders and stakeholders from IESF’s 104 member federations to openly discuss the positive synergies between traditional sports and Esports. This year’s theme of ‘Evolving and Adapting’ resonates across the entire sports industry given the changes we’ve all had to make throughout the pandemic ”
In 2021, plans have been made to allow speakers to participate and contribute both live at the venue and online, including keynote speeches and panel discussions that will be live on the GEES21 platform and on-screen at the Busan Esports Arena.
The speakers will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more information and updates for GEES21!

By Gaspar Incze

Gáspár Incze is the youngest member of the team. Currently a university student, he is studying management at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Gáspár participated in several social initiatives, having volunteered as a tour guide at the Teleki Castle in the village of Gornești and currently working at ÉRTED, a Transylvanian Hungarian student initiative committed to community work, mainly in the cultural, scientific, economic, and environmental areas.