Tournament Operator ExeedMe has become the latest member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).
Through this membership, ExeedMe will integrate ESIC’s industry standard Integrity Programme into its operation to promote sporting integrity and fair play across tournaments on their platform.
“We are happy to have ExeedMe on board as a member of ESIC. We look forward to working with them to assist with the integration of ESIC’s Integrity Program into their operations. This is another step towards the fulfilment of ESIC’s mission to establish and foster the harmonisation of competitive integrity standards in esports. ExeedMe’s allegiance with ESIC is a display of their dedication to maintain integrity in their esports operations,” Ian Smith, Commissioner of ESIC, said.
“It’s a huge honour to have ExeedMe join as a member of ESIC! We are deeply committed to changing the gaming scene by allowing gamers from all skill levels to showcase their skills. We feel that it is crucial for us, as we’re creating a Play2Earn ecosystem, that our platform is built on trust, and that all users can play freely and fairly, so partnering with ESIC was an important step for ExeedMe and we couldn’t be more honoured to take part in such a leading organization in the esports world,” Nuno Fernandes, CEO of ExeedMe, said.

By Niji Narayan

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