ePlay Digital Inc. announces the launch of marketing activities for ePlay products and investors. Recently, a new strategic partnership leveraging the partners’ eSports intellectual property, networks, and expertise was announced with ThreeD Capital. The company has also previously announced the release of the ePlay ES (eSports) series of Skillz games with Skillz. The partnership is already leading to new sports and eSports titles, new marketing partnerships, and new revenue streams. Later this month, ePlay CEO, Trevor Doerksen, will present at the March 25th eSports Investor Day event.
The MNP and Amuka eSports Ideas That Move Capital eSports Investor Day takes place online on March 25, 2021. Registration for the online event is now open.
“We are seeing ample opportunity for collaboration and new businesses in the eSports space,” said Reece Highland, a Partner at MNP. “Together with Amuka eSports, we have planned this event with the goal to bring together leaders in eSports and demonstrate why this sector is growing so quickly and how investors can get involved.”
“Driving to revenue in eSports can take several routes,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “ePlay’s approach to revenue includes cash and real-world rewards based on their performance in casual mobile games, fitness challenges, and sports and eSports prediction games.”

By George Miller

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