Enthusiast Gaming Holdings has entered into exclusive advertising deals with leading esports platforms Smash.gg (Smash) and Checkmate Gaming (CMG). As per the deal, Enthusiast Gaming has added Smash and CMG to its advertising platform.
The addition of Smash and CMG adds two new communities with over 400 million combined annual page views to Enthusiast Gaming’s media platform and increases total views by 5% across its network of 100 websites and 900 YouTube channels.
Smash and CMG have community-centric approaches that align with Enthusiast Gaming’s mission to build the largest platform of communities for gaming and esports fans.
“The addition of Smash and CMG adds two substantial esports platforms to our diverse network of leading communities across all aspects of the gaming industry. Both companies have unique, player focused esports engines that empower all gamers to engage and play competitive esports matches and tournaments within the community. Adding two of the largest grassroots esports tournament organizers provides a number of key synergies across our media, esports and entertainment divisions and provides a platform for our communities to connect and interact with each other. We look forward to partnering with Smash and CMG as we continue to grow,” Menashe Kestenbaum, President of Enthusiast Gaming, said.

By Niji Narayan

Niji Narayan has been in the writing industry for well over a decade or so. He prides himself as one of the few survivors left in the world who have actually mastered the impossible art of copy editing. Niji graduated in Physics and obtained his Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. He has always interested in sports writing and travel writing. He has written for numerous websites and his in-depth analytical articles top sports magazines like Cricket Today and Sports Today. He reports gaming industry headlines from all around the globe.