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Esports bettors set new £5,000 target with Betway’s 4-to-frag

Betway are offering £5,000 for esports fans who think they can predict the first four kills in upcoming CS:G0 events and tournaments.
The leading online bookmaker’s new 4-to-frag game offers esports fans the opportunity to simply select and submit who they think will get the opening kill in each of the selected CS:GO matches at betway.com/4tofrag.
The free-to-enter game is the first of its kind in the world of esports betting and builds on Betway’s hugely popular 4-to-score offering for football punters.
Paul Adkins, Director of Marketing, Betway, said: “We are excited to bring 4-to-frag to the esports market. After the success of 4-to-score in our football market, esports presented us with a fantastic opportunity to expand the format.
“As major sponsors and fans of esports ourselves we know the excitement that a major tournament generates and this new format allows supporters to interact and go with their hunch in the way we know people love.”
For further information, please visit: https://blog.betway.com/esports/4-to-frag/

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