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Konami constructing esports stadium in Tokyo

Konami, a well-known publisher in Japan, is building an esports facility in Tokyo.
The stadium is located in the downtown district of Ginza and will have 12 storeys plus one underground floor.
There will be an esports arena, a shop for hardware and other products and staff will offer esports classes to help grow interest in the industry and nurture new talent.
The stadium is likely to be completed by November this year.
During the recent brick-laying ceremony, Konami president Kimihiko Higashio said: “The people who participate in esports will in the future, stand side by side with those participating in real-life sports like soccer, or even surpass them.”
“Compared to esports pioneers America and Europe, Japan has still a long way to go. However, looking from another angle, it means Japan has lots of room for growth.”

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