LONDON, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Lionesses are gearing up to hit the pitch in their first World Cup game against Haiti on Saturday morning, with fans eager to witness their talent in action. Ever wondered how to develop the same skills as these women? We have the answer! With these exciting game recommendations, channel the spirit of the Lionesses and hone football prowess right from the living room.

Taco Football Woman World Cup – The Agile Striker:
Take on the role of the agile striker, combining lightning-fast reflexes and strategic thinking just like in this version of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. This official Fifa Women’s World Cup game demands players to match spoken words with cards, much like their ability to react swiftly and outmaneuver opponents on the field.

Werewolves – The Cunning Playmaker:
Unleash the cunning playmaker within as you delve into the intense game of Werewolves, played by the Men’s World Cup squad in Qatar. Just like identifying and eliminating werewolves amidst villagers, this card game requires strategic thinking, deception, and keen observation, reflecting the intellect and precision of a top-notch playmaker.

Pandemic – The Team Captain:
Emerge as the team captain, leading your elite squad to victory in Pandemic, a cooperative game of strategy and teamwork. Attributes as a team leader will shine as players work together to eradicate diseases and outsmart the relentless pandemic threats, just as you would on the pitch.

CATAN – The Resourceful Manager:
Become the resourceful manager of the team in CATAN, a game of dominance and strategy. Similar to managing resources in football, players tactical prowess will be put to the test as you build settlements, cities, and roads to secure dominance on the island.

Dobble – The Speedy Tactician:
Show off lightning-fast reflexes and quick thinking as the speedy tactician in Dobble, the game of speed and observation. Just like making swift decisions on the pitch, players need to spot matching symbols on the cards in record time to claim victory.

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Asmodee is the UK’s no. 1 Family Games Company. Their portfolio of table top games and accessories includes major titles such as Dobble, CATAN, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Bananagrams, BrainBox, The Mind, Photosynthesis and The Pokémon Trading Card Game.

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