Asking people if they’d like to date a video game character would’ve once raised quite a few eyebrows. Today, however, it’s a fascinating phenomenon that’s sweeping the video game community. According to G2A’s study, which surveyed over 2,100 gamers and users of the G2A .COM marketplace, the majority of gamers (52%) would like to date a video game character. 

Video games are part of the day-to-day content consumption. Much like movies, these characters are designed as the ideals of virtue. Some are athletic and brave, others quirky and charming. 

The survey revealed that gamers would prefer to date characters from Adventure (31%) and Role Playing Games (RPG) (29%) genres, with a total of 75% of the respondents ultimately picking characters from action-adventure and shooter games. 

Regarding which character they would prefer to date, Steve from the widely popular Minecraft series comes up as number one, with iconic favourites such as the nimble Chun Li from Street Fighter and the hunky Geralt from The Witcher series following suit.  


The top characters gamers would like to date, according to G2A .COM respondents:  

1.    Steve – Minecraft 

2.    Chun Li – Street Fighter series 

3.    Geralt – The Witcher series 

4.    Triss – The Witcher series 

5.    Yennefer – The Witcher 3 

6.    Judy – Cyberpunk 2077 

7.    Peter Parker – Marvel’s Spider-Man 

8.    Panam – Cvberpunk 2077 

9.    Alex – Minecraft 

10.  Felicia Hardy – Marvel’s Spider-Man 

11.  Mario – Super Mario Bros. 

12.  Ryu – Street Fighter series 

13.  Johnny Silverhand – Cvberpunk 2077