TOKYO, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — liica, Inc., a Tokyo-based game developer, has released a free update for “Q REMASTERED” on a gaming platform “Steam.” Games including “Q REMASTERED” are on sale in the Steam Summer Sale. Anyone can purchase games at discounted prices.

About “Q”
“Q” is a hugely successful physics-based puzzle game, with over 12 million downloads since its release as a smartphone game in January 2015. The game was designed and produced by game creator Yusuke Kurita, who also worked on the hit game “KUUKIYOMI” (*1) (sensing the situation in Japanese). In July 2022, the Nintendo Switch version of “Q” was released, which received a great deal of attention through live streaming.

(*1) KUUKIYOMI is a registered trademark of G-MODE Corporation.


– Q REMASTERED” free update
Played by more than 2,000 VTubers, “Q REMASTERED” is the most popular puzzle game in Japan. Anyone can download its update free of charge. On newly created questions of the game, a new IQ test mode, “IQ TEST HERO,” has been introduced, and Alex, a familiar hero character on Q, is featured on 20 new questions. Players can take an IQ test using “IQ TEST HERO” to measure their IQ scores.

– Steam Summer Sale
“Q REMASTERED” will be offered in the Steam Summer Sale and can be purchased at 20% off from its regular price.
Sale Price: USD7.19
Sale period: 10:00am, June 29, to 10:00am, July 13 (PDT)

To purchase Steam version “Q REMASTERD,” visit:

– “KUUKIYOMI: Consider It” x “Q REMASTERED” Collaboration Bundle (*2) on sale
“KUUKIYOMI” is a smash hit game that players livestream on Twitch or YouTube, and “Q REMASTERED” is a game currently played by VTubers across Japan. This is a good opportunity to get all 4 popular games created by Kurita — “Q REMASTERED,” “KUUKIYOMI: Consider It,” “KUUKIYOMI 2: Consider It More! – New Era,” and “KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE” — by 10% off altogether.

(*2) A set of products can be offered at a special discounted price.

Collaboration Bundle sales page:

For more information, please visit each official website.
“KUUKIYOMI: Consider It”: https://kuukiyomi.com/
G-MODE: https://gmodecorp.com/en/
“Q REMASTERED”: https://www.liica.co.jp/q-switch/
liica: https://www.liica.co.jp/ 

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