Electronic sports is becoming one of the most popular gaming activities of gen Z. According to data from Statista, the eSports market is expected to exceed revenues of $1.76 billion by 2027 in the US. This growth is what makes gamers and enthusiasts want to learn more about their favorite titles and bet on tournaments, either as a way to enjoy the games or support their favorite teams. Here we’ll talk about the favorite eSports games and communities of 2024, and what to consider before placing your bets.

Profiling the online bettor

The iGaming community comprises a distinct demographic within the industry. According to statistics from https://www.kto.com/pt/, this audience is predominantly youthful, with around 50% falling between the ages of 25 and 40. Additionally, they are primarily urban dwellers with a strong affinity for technology and connectivity.


Another characteristic of this audience is that they have a great array of interest in games. They like to explore from traditional games like bingo and poker, to mobile and electronic games. Moreover, playing is a huge part of their leisure time. Even real-money games are primarily a form of entertainment, which makes for an engaging experience.

What to know before betting in eSports

Before placing your bets, there is some important information you should consider. Just like betting in your favorite crash-game or slots, you should be familiar with the eSports game you choose to bet. Don’t just go for famous titles without knowing how they work or playing the game before. These games tend to have complicated rules and concepts, so you may need some time and knowledge before deciding a possible winner and enjoying the match.

If you have extra time, try to research before placing any bets. Analyze team performance, recent match results, player statistics, and any relevant news or updates within the esports community.

The favorite games to bet in 2024

Every iGaming market holds different titles on top.Taking a closer look at Brazilian streams, League of Legends is by far the most popular title on Twitch. However, it’s not even in the top 5 most streamed Russian Twitch, according to Statista.


If we consider the prize pools from Exploding Topics, they also hold similar titles, with MOBAs and FPSs on top. Since they have akin rules, it’s not difficult for enthusiasts to learn about those games and place their bets among different titles.

When selecting a game to place bets on, considerations such as prize pools and streaming popularity weigh heavily. Games with greater popularity tend to attract more bets due to increased media coverage and readily available information on tournaments and players. To understand what people usually search to bet on these games, we’ve used Mangools.com to look for monthly search and popularity information, and this is what we found:

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

CS:GO is famous for its tactical gameplay, skill-based mechanics, and competitive scene featuring major tournaments like the CS:GO Major Championships, the game continues to attract millions of players and spectators worldwide. Its concepts are easier to understand in comparison to Dota, for example, and you can find a lot of streamers to get you into the world of FPS and understand how it works.


CS:GO leads the eSports betting intentions by far, with 12.700 monthly searches. Its popularity is earned due to its dynamic gameplay and the ease to understand the game and learn its concepts.

League of Legends

The World League of Legends Championship of 2023 was the most watched eSports live championship, with a peak of 6.4 million viewers. The game is constantly improving and changing its rewards and ranking systems, which makes it always dynamic and interesting for players.

Due to its popularity, League of Legends also holds the top of MOBA eSports betting intentions, with 6.300 monthly searches. Now that RIOT is hosting its MSI championship (Mid Season Invitational) and approaching the Worlds, searches have grown in interest by 14%.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most profitable game for professional players and the eSports market as it has the highest prize pool in this list. However, learning its robust concepts may take time and a lot of research if you intend to bet soon.


Although the DOTA 2 championship is more profitable, the betting intentions in the game are lower than LoL, with 4.300 monthly searches. As we commented, one of the reasons may be the difficulty in understanding the game concepts and how it works in comparison to League of Legends, which is slightly easier.


Valorant emphasizes precise gunplay, teamwork, and the strategic use of agent abilities. With its blend of familiar and innovative gameplay mechanics, Valorant has quickly gained popularity in the competitive gaming scene, attracting a dedicated player base and adding great value to the Brazilian eSports market.


Valorant has a monthly search volume of 2,600. It’s impressive for a shooter with fantasy elements to be so popular since there are few betting options available for games in this genre.


In the realm of battle royale, Fortnite reigns supreme in its one man standing mode and construction mode alike. In the game official website players can find official tournaments and the ones developed by their community, which motivates players to participate more actively.


Compared to other games in this list, the betting searches for Fortnite are only 690. One of the reasons may be the battle royale structure, which makes the game pretty unpredictable. The age average of players is also a reason since in Brazil most players are under 18.


While popular games like the ones mentioned are commonly bet on, there are many other similar titles you can explore during the off-season. By branching out into different game styles and genres, you can discover new betting opportunities and have fun while learning more about gaming. Remember, betting is about enjoying your favorite games and having a good time, so don’t hesitate to explore different options and find what works best for you.