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French leading global esports organisation Team Vitality has today revealed their latest jersey with sportswear brand hummel called Vitality for Paris. The third jersey is dedicated to the upcoming Paris Major, inspired by the organisation’s Parisian heritage.

For the first time in a decade, Team Vitality has revealed a third jersey embellished in yellow that pays respect to the history of the Parisian club and the values of Team Vitality. This third jersey will be worn by Team Vitality’s players during the Paris Major alongside some of the biggest major international tournaments in esports. Fans can buy the jersey from today on their website, in V.Hive from the beginning of the Paris Major, from 8th May and as a wearable accessory on the V.Hive app.

To celebrate Team Vitality’s qualification into the Paris Major, the Parisian club has incorporated a tri-colour design which showcases the lifeblood of Team Vitality and the city of Paris, including homages to the organisation’s decade in esports and the fleur-de-lys, synonymous with France.

  • The unique jersey is drenched in the colour of Jaune (Yellow), the historical colour of the club, to embody Team Vitality’s optimistic attitude and competitive spirit that drives them to be the best alongside the energy of the fans’ support.
  • The jersey is also supplemented with Noir (Black) for the team’s power and rigour when they compete against some of the greatest teams in the world. It also represents the unity and solidarity of all that are with the club.
  • To complete the tri-colour design, there are elements of Blanc (White) for Team Vitality’s professional attitude. Their calm and focused approach ahead of every competition is represented in this colour which symbolises equality among the community as a whole.

In tandem with these colours, the jersey boasts iconography which is intrinsic to the club and its Parisian heritage. The most noticeable addition is the insignia at the bottom of the jersey which depicts the iconic Eiffel Tower in Vitality yellow and black, to signify Team Vitality’s close connection to the city of Paris. Alongside this, there are other hints towards the Parisian club, including Team Vitality’s Performance Signature and Beehive Pattern with a call to Paris and the fleur-de-lys which are deeply connected to France and the city of Paris.

In the lead-up to the launch of the Vitality for Paris jersey, Team Vitality launched a series of 10 creative artefacts on their social media channels representing both the organisation and the city of Paris. These artefacts included a jar of honey which has been the lifeblood of Team Vitality for a decade. Others included a golden crown with the logo of Team Vitality and the fleur-de-lys embedded upon it to show Vitality’s success as crowned champions and act as a homage to the French royal family traditionally based in Paris.

Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality commented, “This has been an incredible year for us so far as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary. We simply can’t wait to experience the Paris Major in our home city and believe that this iconic hummel jersey shows our excitement to celebrate our philosophy as one of Europe’s biggest esports organisations and our Parisian roots. In this jaune jersey, we’ve pieced together the parts of us that represent us and our beautiful city which we now pass onto our fans across the globe.”

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By Zoltan Tundik

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