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Enhancing the excitement of the ongoing cricket fever in India, GoLive Games, the country’s leading mid-core games publisher has unveiled Cricket Stars, the nation’s first NFT-based cricket strategy esports game powered by Tezos.

Being the only NFT-based multiplayer game with no Pay-to-Play or Play-to-Earn model attached to it in the market, Cricket Stars offers players of all ages the opportunity to experience the thrill of cricket in a virtual format like never before. This game serves as more than just an interface for playing India’s most popular sport as it also offers a platform for cricket fanatics to apply their strategic thinking and showcase their in-depth knowledge and passion as they approach this latest esports game.

Cricket Stars is based on a unique concept, presenting players with a range of six batting as well as six bowling card options to select from in each game. By utilizing their extensive knowledge of the game, the player has to pick the right batting card from the multiple options offered to score runs on their opponent’s delivery whilst also selecting the perfect bowling skill to bowl to dismiss their opponent. Moreover, Cricket Stars also provides users with the opportunity to win exclusive cricket bats and other prizes.

Speaking about the unique blend of cricket, Esports and NFTs made possible through Cricket Stars, Ravi Kiran, Founder of GoLive Games said, “We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating Cricket Stars, a game that we’re incredibly proud of and one that we believe will resonate with the nation’s gamers. With Cricket being a beloved sport with a global following and the Esports industry in India growing exponentially, we saw the opportunity of merging the two in order to create a truly unique and rewarding gaming experience for cricket aficionados all over the Esports world. Moreover, we believe that the integration of NFTs in our game represents the future of the industry, as it empowers players with true ownership and value in the virtual world. By leveraging the nation’s fiery passion towards cricket as well as gaming, we are confident that the game will become a groundbreaking success in the community and become a significant part of the country’s gaming ecosystem.”

The game not only takes cricket gaming to a whole new level with its engaging gameplay and card mechanics but also stands out as the only NFT-based cricket game in the Esports market that doesn’t require players to invest upfront in NFTs. Players can acquire batting and bowling cards in the form of NFTs at different levels of rarity – Rare, Epic, and Legendary – and utilize their unique features to compete against other players in real-time through thrilling matchups, campaigns, or Esports tournaments.

The game’s NFT marketplace is powered by the Tezos Blockchain, allowing users with Tezos wallets to conveniently trade, buy, and sell their cards within the in-game store without the need for any cryptocurrency.

We are thrilled to partner with GoLive Games to launch Cricket Stars, an exciting cricket strategy game with digital collectibles. This partnership marks an exciting step forward for the gaming industry and for the Tezos blockchain. Cricket fans will enjoy a deeply strategic game that tests their knowledge of the sport while collecting and trading cricket-themed NFTs that add a new dimension to the gameplay experience. We look forward to this partnership being a cornerstone of our shared commitment to make great games even better on Tezos, the best blockchain for games.” said Jeremy Foo, Global Head of Gaming at TriliTech and responsible for game development in Tezos Ecosystem, on their exclusive partnership with GoLive Games.

According to the ‘We, the sports fans of India’ report by Ormax Media, Cricket has more than 124.2m fans in India which is more than any other sport in the country by a considerable margin. Cricket isn’t just a sport in the nation but is considered a religion and people worship this sport.

On the other hand, the ‘India Games Market’ report by Niko Partners states that India had 396.4 million gamers in 2022 which will grow to reach 630 million gamers in 2026.

By merging the mania surrounding cricket with the ever-growing Esports industry of the country, Cricket Stars holds immense potential to cement its position as a leading Esports title in the country. The game is currently available to play on Google Play Store.

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By Zoltan Tundik

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