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Team Vitality, the leading eSports club in France and Europe, announces an international partnership with Cherry Xtrfy (previously Xtrfy), a manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals, for the next two years. The two emblematic eSports entities are respectively celebrating their ten years of existence, both united around performance and competition.

* French eSports club Team Vitality has teamed up with gaming gear specialist Cherry Xtrfy for the next two years.

* Cherry Xtrfy will equip Team Vitality’s premises and its players with state-of-the-art gaming equipment: keyboards, mice and mouse pads.

* Cherry Xtrfy partners with Team Vitality to continue its international expansion strategy.

Global Support with a Focus on Team Vitality’s CS:GO Division

Leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer Cherry Xtrfy will equip Team Vitality teams with keyboards, mice and mouse pads so that athletes can enjoy the best gaming experience and perform at the highest level of eSports. Cherry Xtrfy will also provide equipment for Team Vitality’s three physical entities: the offices (V.Hive in Paris) and the performance centers (Berlin and Stade de France). Later on, the two companies also aim to develop co-branded products for the eSports and gaming audience.

As an official partner, Cherry Xtrfy will have a place on the CS:GO team jersey, starting with the first match of the qualifying rounds of the Paris Major: RMR in Copenhagen on April 11. Team Vitality players will be able to benefit from quality products to arrive in the best possible conditions at the most exciting eSports event of the year.

In addition, Cherry Xtrfy will be able to connect with twelve million fans on Team Vitality’s social networks through activities organized throughout the year.

An Alliance Between the Most Ambitious Gaming Brand and the Leading eSports Team in France and Europe

This alliance illustrates the international ambitions of Cherry Xtrfy, recently renamed from Xtrfy after merging with Cherry, a globally operating manufacturer of high-end mechanical keyboard switches and computer peripherals. With Team Vitality, Cherry Xtrfy wants to reach a large community of eSports enthusiasts and aim for the highest level of international competition.

Celebrating their respective ten-year anniversaries this year, both brands have a strong history within the eSports scene. Cherry Xtrfy’s expertise has led it to sponsor other major eSports organizations such as Norway’s Heroic, Australia’s Grayhound Gaming and China’s LNG Esports. As such, the brand considers Team Vitality to be the best partner to continue to expand its presence in eSports and its various European markets.

“Team Vitality is a world-renowned organization with iconic players,” the Managing Director and co-founder of Cherry Xtrfy, Joakim Jansson, said. “As we are ramping up our efforts in eSports, we are looking forward to growing our presence in the scene, collaborating with the team and creating something unique for the community.”

“We are very happy to welcome Cherry Xtrfy as an official partner,” the Chief Executive Officer for Team Vitality, Nicolas Maurer, said. “We know that this brand is a reference for quality and performance within an ever-changing industry. And the timing of its arrival at Team Vitality is ideal. Cherry Xtrfy will be at the heart of our tenth anniversary celebrations and will benefit from our presence in the biggest international competitions.”

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By Zoltan Tundik

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