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Started in 2018 as a PUBG Mobile Team, India’s prominent Professional Gaming and Entertainment Company, Gods Reign has set up its expansion plan by opening a new training facility in Whitefield, Bangalore. Gods Reign houses some of the finest Indian e-sport athletes from across the nation and offers extensive services to its clients, ensuring that their stay is a memorable one.

To offer 360-degree world class facilities, Gods Reign features a VALORANT gaming room, a Battle Royale gaming room, Projector room and many other facilities for the e-sports players and support staff. To take care of the player’s physical health, it has a swimming pool & gym where the players can go to relax and train. To take care of the player’s mental health, the facility has sports psychologists for their athlete’s mental wellbeing.

Speaking about the bootcamp, a popular star Simar “psy” Sethi said, “A bootcamp to a player is a mixture of home and workplace that a school or work place brings. Playing with my teammates, discussing strategies, making plans and working alongside them. The facilities, aura and comfort that this place offers is like none other. It is a playing arena away from the city noise and chaos.”

Adding to the expansion plans, KR Rohith, the CEO of Gods Reign, said, “The perception that every bootcamp should be a place to stay, eat and play needs to change. With Gods Reign, I’ve taken the initiative to solve the problems faced by players widely across many training facilities and built a one-stop solution for all our professional athletes, from stay and food to leisure and entertainment and exercise.”

KR Rohith further added, “E-sports continues to integrate into popular culture, fans, brands, media outlets, and the Government of India now has given official recognition to e-sports. There are lots of investors and brands are paying attention to the rise in popularity of this sector. We welcome e-sports enthusiasts keen to give detailed insights and reviews on how e-sports athletes live and train at Gods Reign training facility centre for future betterment.”

Apart from the stay features, the facility also provides the players with top-class technological support from devices and headphones to other peripherals for mobile and PC gamers.

In the gaming room there are Six PCs, five for the players and one for the coach All PCs in the Valorant room have high-performance components including Ryzen 7 Processor, Zotac Gaming GEFORCE RTX 3070 TI Graphic Card and BenQ Zowie Xl2546 240 Hz Display. All the components and peripherals are provided by the organisation according to the player’s preference.

Additionally, the Battle Royale Rooms have the same setup for games like BGMI and New State Mobile. All four players sit together on gaming chairs at a table with a high-performance router for lag-free gaming in a room for matches or tournaments and all the players are provided with latest devices to experience the seamless performance.

Lastly, the Pokemon unite rooms have their own personal space with a playing area with high performance router’s and a dedicated wifi equipped with latest devices. The entire facility is air-conditioned and programmed to not allow sound interferences between two rooms with an acoustic soundproof foam. With proper lighting and setups for playing areas to enhance their gaming experience, it is a perfect space for players to have a comfortable stay.

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By Zoltan Tundik

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