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Ludus, a market-leading digital gaming incubator recently announced a series of acquisitions including eSports team LDN UTD and the first of a series of gaming venues, Ludus Magnus. The rapidly expanding platform is preparing to launch an education programme to educate young people on the opportunities and careers available in eSports as many universities are exploring offering courses in this space.
As one of the fastest-growing industries in the world esports is a complex ecosystem which has proved difficult to navigate for traditional brands, but many see the huge opportunities as leading players in the sector often earn millions each year. However, many organisations have struggled to focus on this particular vertical causing them to lose market share in other areas. The industry is often overlooked and is certainly not seen as a career opportunity in the majority of countries, but many universities and colleges around the world are now considering courses in eSports as the industry becomes more established.
Through continued growth and acquisition, Ludus has consolidated the core verticals within the eSports arena giving the platform the unique opportunity to operate as a single structure. The platform’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between digital and physical gaming and increase accessibility in digital gaming, including extensive education and training courses to develop grassroots talent.
Ludus will continue to invest, operate and deliver gaming solutions from gaming production and development and will also focus on running eSports teams, managing leading gaming venues and educating young players. The team is looking to continue their growth in eSports and is in discussion to acquire other eSports teams. Ludus Magnus is the first of many locations that the incubator plans to launch, and it will offer gamers a safe space to get involved in community gaming.
The firm is built on community and transparency and unlike other gaming platforms, Ludus now offers digital and physical solutions allowing members to maximise their gaming potential and become part of a trusted community of individuals with similar interests.
Daniel Gee, CEO of Ludus, commented, “The team at Ludus are proud to be able to help nurture and educate grassroots players in the opportunities and careers available in eSports. The industry is one of the fastest growing globally and is often overlooked and misunderstood in many countries. It is encouraging to see so many universities are considering launching courses in this space and we are already in discussions with some of them about these courses.
We want to offer gamers digital and physical communities to meet and play for enjoyment whilst making a fair return on their earnings. The social good that platforms are bringing to the gaming world is what is really making them stand out and we want to be at the forefront of this industry.”

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By Zoltan Tundik

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