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Lineup of keynote speakers and panellists announced for the leading UK and International Esports in Education conference and networking event this February.

British Esports, the national body set up to support grassroots esports in the UK, has announced the lineup of speakers and panellists for the fifth edition of the Esports in Education Summit, taking place on Friday 10th February 2023 at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.

Designed for Senior Leaders, Curriculum Managers, Lecturers, and Educational Institutions with a keen interest in esports, as well as those from amateur and professional esports organisations, the Esports in Education Summit provides a platform to discuss the ongoing impact, developments and opportunities available in competitive gaming and esports for schools and colleges, whatever their stage of esports development.

The lineup of speakers for the 2023 summit includes:

  • Andy Payne OBE, Chair, British Esports Federation
  • Kalam Neale, Head of Education, British Esports Federation
  • Alice Leaman, Head of Operations, British Esports Federation
  • Danny Lee, Curriculum Manager Sport, Loughborough College
  • Amardeep Malhi, Curriculum Leader Esports, Colton Hills Community School
  • Tom Hurrell, Rocket League Product Manager, NUEL
  • Gary Tibbett, Head of International Relations (APAC), British Esports Federation
  • Scott Santus, Standards Verification, Senior Team Leader, Pearson
  • Shoubna Naika-Taylor, Curriculum Manager of Digital, Coventry College
  • James Fraser-Murison, Director of Esports, Queen Mary’s College
  • Gin Rai, Esports Manager and CL, Confetti Institute of Technologies
  • Tom Dore, Global Head – International Relations, British Esports Federation
  • Sarah Trowler-Wren, Head of Sales & Marketing, GoBubble
  • Derek Johnstone, Senior Consultant, NSPCC
  • Dominic Sacco, Founder/Editor, Esports News UK
  • Michael Moriarty, Esports Manager, Wolves Esports
  • Jeff Simpkins, Chief Operating Officer, Resolve Esports
  • Emma Rose, Commonwealth Esports Championships Gold Medalist
  • Professor Phillip Wilson, Chair of the Board, College of Esports
  • Camilla Maurice, Education Engagement Manager, Midkent, NCSG
  • Dave Martin, COO, British Esports Federation
  • Chester King, Founder and CEO, British Esports Federation

“I am delighted that Confetti is hosting the British Esports’ Esports in Education Summit again this year,” said Craig Chettle MBE, Chief Executive, Confetti Media Group, part of Nottingham Trent University. “Confetti has been delivering the best creative educational experience for almost 30 years, and our aim now, as it has always been, is to prepare students for dynamic and exciting careers in the entertainment industries.  We’re excited to welcome guests from across the UK to our world-class facilities in Nottingham.”

In a slight change to the agenda, there will now be an additional panel focused on ‘How Esports Supports Progression to Higher Education‘.

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By Zoltan Tundik

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