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VALORANT Regional Circuit: BEACON Split 1 2023, the Northern European VALORANT circuit focused entirely on the grassroots-level of play, is kicking off on February 25 with a LAN event at EPIC38. Following on from last year, budding VALORANT pros will be able to compete in a series of events and accrue circuit points, giving them a chance to qualify for the prestigious Polaris Regional League through the end-of-split Division 1 Circuit Finals taking place on May 22-26.

The BEACON Circuit has always prioritised getting as many eyes on up-and-coming VALORANT talent as possible, to help them on their journey towards professional play. In 2022, the BEACON Circuit saw just under 40,000 unique viewers consume nearly 24,000 hours of livestream content, giving aspiring VALORANT pros the opportunity to showcase their skills to a wider audience. The 2022 BEACON Split 1 Finals Weekend also made waves on social media in 2022 with 1.3 million impressions, 250 thousand engagements, and 361 thousand video views.

This year the BEACON circuit, operated by license holders Promod Esports, will be separated into three new tiers of competition; Minors, LAN Events, and Majors with each awarding up to 100, 500, and 1000 circuit points respectively. These points will contribute towards a team’s qualification and seeding for the Division 1 Circuit Finals. A full list of the confirmed BEACON Tournament partners, including the tier of the tournament they are hosting within the circuit, can be found down below.

Circuit events will start on February 25, and run until the BEACON Split 1 2023 Circuit Finals that take place from May 22. Teams will be able to compete in as many tournaments as they like within this time period, however, points earned from LAN-tier tournaments will not stack, and only the highest point finish across all BEACON Split 1 2023 LAN events will count towards the team’s total points. The 2023 Split 1 Division 1 Circuit Finals will once again feature eight teams that accumulated the most points throughout the split, as well as the two lowest-placed teams from the previous Challengers Northern Europe: Polaris Split. The top two teams from the Division 1 Circuit Finals will then lock in their place for Polaris in 2024.

Rob Black, Founder and CEO of Promod Esports, said, “We’re thrilled to be supporting grassroots VALORANT players through the BEACON Circuit in 2023. Offering future star players a clear and defined pathway to professional play has always been a key goal for us, and we are proud that we can continue to provide that with BEACON throughout the coming year.”

Broadcasted events throughout the split can be found on the local tournament organisers’ Twitch channels, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out for announcements on our social media so you can follow and tune in to all the action! For more information on the VALORANT Regional Circuit: BEACON Split 1 2023, check out the BEACON website and Discord.

Confirmed BEACON Tournament Partners:

  • Majors:


    • The Goose House

    • FEL

  • LANs:

    • EPIC38

    • The Gathering

  • Minors:

  • Norway

  • RÍSÍ Iceland

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Ireland Minor (TBC)

  • Esports Scotland

  • FEL Finland


More events may be added to the circuit, so keep an eye out for new partners and tournament editions as we move closer to the start of the Split. If you are interested in hosting an official BEACON event this Split, please apply via the official website.

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