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Canada, Egypt and Portugal showcased their strong VALORANT talent as the action continued through Day 2 of the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final. Teams from across the world entered the final day of playoff qualification desperate to continue their journey through the tournament. Hard battles, clutch moments and serious skill saw 16 teams progress to the playoffs, all on a quest to prove themselves the world’s best student VALORANT team.

Today the stakes increase, as a single-elimination, best-of-three format awaits the remaining teams. By the end of the day, only four teams will remain, each set to compete on the biggest stage they’ve ever experienced.

Canada, Poland, Egypt, UK, Peru, Indonesia, Portugal and Denmark round out the 16 teams entering the playoffs

Yesterday saw the second group of qualified teams compete for the final eight spots in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final playoffs. Groups E and F hosted the most dominant victories, with Canada’s o7 and Egypt’s Team RA’AD each going 5-0 against their competition. o7’s performance was made all the more impressive by the strong teams in their group, including great talent from Turkey and Poland, as well as the LCQ team Bravado Gaming who looked very dominant in their path throughout qualifications. While the Egyptian Bravado Gaming team fell at the group stages, Team RA’AD carry on the possibility of a back-to-back win for Egypt, following last year’s victory.

“We obviously knew that our group is one of the hardest, but the level of competition exceeded all expectations. Guys from Canada did really well and surprised us with their gameplay, but our game against Egypt was definitely the best show out there. We look forward to playoffs where we want to destroy everyone and our biggest dream is to reach the final where we could play against one of the other Eastern Europe team!” Heyo, Poland (black team)

The second set of groups saw strong showings from Indonesian team BaTagoR and Peruvian Nitrous Gaming, each finishing 4-1 in their group. BaTagoR formed just before last year’s Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament, however this has been their first appearance together in the competition. Nitrous Gaming only came together three months ago, but already have the chemistry of a team with years of shared history. In the final Group H, Portugal’s QuartetoDos5 went flawless in a group featuring talent from Denmark, Chile, Japan and Bosnia.

Teams from Poland, UK, Peru and Denmark also progressed through the group stages and are set to compete in the playoffs.

“After losing to RAAD we realised that we weren’t playing badly and made sure to keep our confidence up for the next matches. Our only other scare was when playing against Indonesia LCQ, as it was the map that we had to win to qualify and they were slowly bringing it back from 11-7 to 11-11. Fortunately, we won and are really happy about qualifying through to tomorrow and getting to play on the main stage” sm1leCasa Noturna (UK)

The teams that will progress through to the playoffs are:

  • Northwood University – US
  • NARODNI GARDA – Czech Republic
  • OBK – Macedonia
  • Viva Hollandia – Netherlands
  • o7 – Canada
  • Team RA’AD – Egypt
  • BaTagorR – Indonesia
  • Jordani – Slovenia
  • DNC Gamers – New Zealand
  • CONDORIT0 – Chile
  • black team – Poland
  • Casa Noturna – UK
  • Nitrous Gaming – Peru
  • ESP eSport – Denmark
  • Team Mystic – Pakistan
  • QuartetoDos5 – Portugal

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By Zoltan Tundik

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