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As of November 29th, the Luxembourg Esports Federation started its journey to Bali, Indonesia to represent Luxembourg in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and eFootball during the World Championships of the International Esports Federation (IESF).

Following a call for applications earlier this year, the federation selected five athletes for the CS:GO competition in Bali. With only a limited time to prepare for the tournament, the team was unable to pass the group phase after losses against Wales and Ecuador. The CS:GO team consisted of:


  • Christopher “PLUM3R” Plumer
  • Antony “TNY.” Da Silva
  • Steve “REDSMOKEPT” Olas Da Silva
  • Lena “LENAXCHIULI” Rocca
  • Rob “EXARYME” Leclerc

The second game title where the LESF fields an athlete is eFootball. Daniel Araujo, 5th of the previous World Championships is again representing our country in Bali and he managed already to get out of the play-in group stage as second placed behind the Turkish athlete Mücahit “MUCAHIT21” Sevimli, professional esports athlete for Galatasaray Istanbul. In the upcoming Round of 32 he will face the current world champion Rati “PROTOS_RATI” Nanava. The name of our athlete is:

  • Daniel “Diffside45” Araujo.

This year’s IESF World Championships are the 14th edition of the event hosted by the International Esports Federation.

The event hosts tournaments in CS:GO, Dota2, Tekken 7, eFootball, PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with hundreds of participants from the different countries.

“We are elated to see a historic 106 countries, more than double from last year’s edition, competing in the 14th edition of this event right here in the Land of Gods. (…) All of you here in this beautiful country and those watching are proof and reflection of the growth and progress of the world esports family.” says Vlad Marinescu, president of the International Esports Federation

The LESF is a non-profit association (association sans but lucratif) founded in June 2020 with the aim to promote esports as well as to federate esports stakeholders and represent their collective interests in the Grand -Duchy of Luxembourg. One of the missions of the LESF is the official recognition of esports in Luxembourg as a sport in its own right, next to traditional sports. The LESF does not pursue the idea to establish esports as a competitor or even rival to traditional sports, but intends to bring esports and traditional sports disciplines closer together irrespective of their analog or digital nature.


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By Zoltan Tundik

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