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The team earns a victory in the Grand Final with a 2:1 score, competing with Spirit Academy. For Young Ninjas, this is the first champion triumph in the WePlay Academy League.

On November 20, the WePlay Academy League Season 6, a regular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive circuit for up-and-coming esports players, finished. The season began on October 12, and during this time, 18 tournament days were held, and more than 90 matches were played.

This season, the players of the Young Ninjas team became the champions. In the Grand Final, the team put up a fight against Spirit Academy to win with a score of 2:1: 7-16 Dust2, 16-11 Vertigo, 16-8 Nuke. For Young Ninjas, this is the first victory at the WePlay Academy League – prior to this, the organization got its place in the WAL Playoffs twice.

Season 6 final prize pool breakdown:

  • 1st place – $45,000 – Young Ninjas
  • 2nd place – $20,000 – Spirit Academy
  • 3rd place – $15,000 – NAVI Junior
  • 4th place – $8,000 – MOUZ NXT
  • 5th place – $4,000 – OG Academy
  • 6th place – $4,000 – 00Prospects
  • 7th place – $1,500 – Astralis Talents
  • 8th place – $1,500 – fnatic Rising
  • 9th place – $500 – FURIA Academy
  • 10th place – $500 – BIG. OMEN Academy

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By Zoltan Tundik

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