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ESPL and Warner Music Partner to Launch Music-Gaming Arena Together With D Gerrard

ESPL and Warner Music Partner to Launch Music-Gaming Arena Together With D Gerrard
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Warner Music and Esports Players League (ESPL), a global esports tournament organizer, will launch the MUGA (MUsic-GAming) Arena campaign on 10 October together with D Gerrard. MUGA Arena is designed to produce authentic engagement between music artists and music fans combined with the power of esports to create a truly immersive experience for the masses.

The MUGA Arena launch will feature a thrilling Valorant tournament with 16 teams all battling for a chance to win exclusive D Gerrard autographed memorabilia and merchandise. Shortlisted teams will participate in a double-elimination group stage on Day 1 (Nov 4th), followed by a Day 2 single-elimination final round to crown the winning team on November 5th.

The victorious team will play off live against D Gerrard and friends in a special show match. The event will end with a 15 minutes live chat session with the musician for fans. To commemorate the event, the Thai R&B singer and songwriter will release his new single “Talk Less”, a touching track about unspoken love and compassion. The song will be included as a shortlisting criterion for the Valorant tournament.

“ The song “Talk Less” is about showing your love without saying a single word, and as a gamer myself, I have lots of love for my teammates, without actually ever telling them. “- D Gerrard.

D Gerrard is an avid gamer and a fan of Valorant content, having released three Valorant-themed music videos on his YouTube channel. The musician is delighted to combine his passion for music with his love for gaming to foster continued engagement with his growing fanbase.

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