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Exclusive Q&A/Widget with Nicolas Marlier, CTO at PandaScore

Exclusive Q&A/Widget with Nicolas Marlier, CTO at PandaScore
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What motivated you to upgrade your Widget product?

Our revamped Widget 2.0 product builds on the huge success of the original solution we launched several years ago. The upgrade forms part of wider efforts to deliver the best products and player experiences to the esports ecosystem, driven by the power of data. Operators using Widget 2.0 can better attract and engage esports fans, particularly during live, with highly customisable esports widgets that provide game-specific, real-time data. This means that players can enjoy in-depth esports information on their favourite games, delivered via undelayed data so that they know they are getting a real-time viewing and betting experience.

With Widget 2.0 we can offer a more customised integration through a block system that allows each bookmaker to adjust what kind of information they want to make available on specific sections of their website or app. We have also improved the data visualisation so that players can more easily understand complex datasets at a glance while providing even greater data granularity for expert players that really want to deep dive into specific games.


What titles does Widget 2.0 cover in live? And to what depth?

So we offer a dedicated Widget for each of the 11 esports titles we cover including three live widgets for CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL). Take LoL, for example. We have a radar chart designed by League of Legends experts so that bettors can quickly and easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each team. For CS:GO, that information is presented on a map-by-map basis and depending on team sides. This is to take into account the differences between each game and to make the player experience as intuitive and seamless as possible.


Why was customisation so important to your revamped Widget product?

Each bookmaker wants to deliver an experience that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its players. It also wants to do this while standing out from its rivals. As a data provider, it is important for us to give operators the tools they need to do both of these things. Our block system adapts to the different experiences offered by each bookmaker, as well as the wide range of devices used by players. In addition, operators have complete freedom to customise the front end with their own branding colours to maintain a consistent user experience at all times.


What are the player engagement benefits of Widget and how can operators leverage the product in innovative ways?

Esports fans want a seamless stream but also access to stats and data points about their team and/or their opponents. Bringing that insight directly onto the operator’s platform via our Widget 2.0 product provides this and allows sportsbooks to drive greater engagement among existing players and esports bettors, but also attract new customers that are not necessarily bettors yet but are looking for access to this data via an easy-to-use interface. That makes our Widget product innovative in itself as it allows operators to connect with esports fans and bettors in an entirely new way.


What’s next for PandaScore?

Our product roadmap has been busy, that’s for sure. Recently, we’ve added Starcraft 1 and 2 to the long list of games we offer coverage on, extended our cutting-edge BetBuilder product to cover all three major games, will be offering micro betting markets for the first time, launch community engagement tools to let operators to better engage with their users on Discord and Twitch. More exotic betting markets, such as player specials for LoL and Dota 2 are also underway, and this is not the full list of innovative products to come. We are committed to designing and developing the tools and features operators need to unlock the true potential of esports and esports betting, and our product roadmap over the next 12 months will allow them to do just that.

It is still very early days for esports betting, but more and more sportsbook operators understand the opportunities on the table and are making moves in the space for the first time. PandaScore is here to guide them through the sector and deliver the best possible experience to both new and existing esports fans and bettors.

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