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Esports player representation agency Prodigy Agency has entered into a partnership with Adamas Esports, a performance startup focused on esports players and organisations.

Adamas Esports will deliver performance and wellness services on a day-to-day basis, as well as on site at specific events to Prodigy Agency’s flourishing roster of clients. The partnership will help solidify Prodigy Agency’s core beliefs in providing players with the best support in welfare, health and performance.

Adamas Esports will be providing emotional regulation training, simulations that limit outbursts and steady high-stress communication, mindful exercises to help clear the mind and quicken mental wellness and physical training to keep the athletes nimble, alert and balanced. Adamas Esports will also be working with and supporting Prodigy Agency’s academy programme “The Prodigies”, giving the young players increased support they wouldn’t usually receive on a grassroot or junior level.

“The health and performance of our players is key to what we do at Prodigy, and we are excited to partner with global leaders Adamas Esports to provide our players with world-class day-to -day support as well as in-tournament support. We really want to keep paving the way for the players, by providing all the support they need, and Adamas Esports is a key element to this vision,” Jérôme Coupez, Founder and CEO of Prodigy Agency, said.

This new partnership, slated to extend over the next several seasons of various esports titles, is a natural extension of Prodigy’s pre-existing relationship with Gscience, an equally aligned esports performance startup that was wholly acquired by Adamas in June. After that acquisition, the Gscience brand sunset and the team now operates entirely under the Adamas Esports banner.

“Agencies, team or orgs neglecting the care, wellness and performance training modern esports athletes need will simply be left behind. Prodigy gets that and is committed to putting their players first. We look forward to innovating new levels of athlete support for the seasons, and years to come,” Caleb Cousens, CEO of Adamas Esports, said.

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By Zoltan Tundik

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