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Red Bull Solo Q, the official 1v1 League of Legends tournament, has revealed all the need to know details of the Red Bull Solo Q World Final, taking place on the 4th-5th December, 2021, broadcast from BMW Welt, Munich. Broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch, League fans have a ton of excitement in store for this weekend as the top 19 players battle for bragging rights and an awesome live-viewing experience at an upcoming official Riot Games tournament.


The schedule of the tournament runs as follows:

  • Group Stage (Single Round Robin): 4th December, 4pm-10pm CET
  • Playoffs and Final (Single Elimination Bracket): 5th December, 2pm-9pm CET

Analysing and breaking down all the action will be Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, the face of the competition since 2019 and on-site with players this year to make for an unforgettable two days of League action.J oining her will be René “Masterplay“ Geigenberger as co-host, with Marc “Caedrel” Lamont, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain and Georgia “Troubleinc” Paras sharing their expertise in the casting chairs and bringing the pulse-racing action to life for viewers.

Switching it up to add some drama, Howling Abyss is the map of choice for the World Final, the first time in Red Bull Solo Q history that players have batted it out in the ARAM (All Random, All Mid) map. The iconic BMW Welt venue will also be transformed into an immersive environment, inspired by the Howling Abyss map bringing the tense atmosphere of the coldest, cruelest, part of the Freljord to life.

The exciting finale to a renowned amateur circuit, Red Bull Solo Q features 1v1 duels where the player must draw “First Blood,” take down the opponent’s tower, or reach a 100-minion score to claim victory. Having run for a number of years, the tournament has seen multiple heartwarming success stories of amateurs competing in the tournament, and then progressing on to greater League of Legends success.

Hailing from regions all across the world, the Red Bull Solo Q World Final features hungry esports talent looking to make their mark and showcase their skills to the world. Watch out for Greek mid-laner Mert “You Mert BRO” Aptoula and French top-laner Raphaël “Lingwi” Claudé, two strong players looking to break out into the big leagues, something a successful outing this weekend might help them accomplish. However, as ever with this unique competition, underdog stories are frequent and any player could become the breakout star.


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