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Pro Gaming Society, also known as ‘PGS’, have launched their mobile app onto the Google Play & App store, which has already been downloaded over 45,000 times. The app offers all users the simplicity to register on their network and compete against tens of thousands of online gamers in a matter of minutes. The purpose of the app allows all registered players the ability to join their leagues and tournaments, view leaderboards, input stats, and win prizes. PGS are currently focusing on the game FIFA, specifically on its ‘Pro Clubs’ and ‘FUT game’ modes, however PGS has confirmed upcoming titles, such as Call Of Duty: Vanguard, Warzone, Fortnite and Rocket League, are all set to arrive in 2022 and beyond.

”Our aim is to create a global digital esports platform, uniting professional and amateur gamers from all over the world, resulting in next-level competition and unparalleled player improvement”. Kian James, Founder – PGS.

PGS began trading in 2019 after a group of passionate gamers decided it was time to give the esports community a platform that was dedicated and committed to offering player-focused, competitive and rewarding experiences. The launch of the PGS app in April 2021 has already achieved an overwhelming majority of five star reviews. Registered PGS users from 80 different countries and in five different continents have highlighted their key likes and benefits, including the user-friendly nature of inputting their stats, and the ability to enter free-to-play leagues and tournaments. ‘PGS Premium Weekly’ and ‘PGS Premium Monthly’ are the premium versions of the app, which have been specifically designed for ”serious gamers”, which removes restrictions, such as the requirement of a Goalkeeper, minimum players required to play, and advertisements. The ‘PGS Population’, as it has come to be known, consists of players from PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Cross-platform gaming has given PGS the opportunity to grow an unmistakable, thriving esports community, and as a result, PGS will be unveiling their Raffle Prize Draws in 2022, with prizes ranging from Consoles, PlayStation and Xbox points, and PC accessories.

”We believe in putting the gamer first, and always will do – that’s our ethos. Pro Gaming Society was built on the foundation that the hearts and minds of all gamers need to be understood and connected with, and that a strong focus on community is key to a successful esports future”. Kian James, Founder – PGS

Pro Gaming Society is a digital esports platform with a global community, offering round the clock leagues and tournaments, leaderboards, stats, and prizes. PGS was discovered by a small group of friends on the southerly coast of Bournemouth, UK. The company founders are avid gamers themselves and are no strangers to competitive online multiplayer gaming, having racked up thousands of hours on their favourite titles. The PGS website allows users to register and discover more about their services. You can also download the PGS app via the Google Play & App Store.

PGS offer simplistic, intuitive design and layout, resulting in a streamlined experience for all gamers. PGS currently serve tens of thousands of players across the world, and are committed to expanding their reach to every country, every gamer, and for every major gaming title.

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