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The world of football is a rich, diverse and electrifying space that is overflowing with thrilling clashes and rivalries, as well as armies of loyal supporters from around the world, but with the unstoppable rise of esports, more and more fans of the beautiful game are embracing its exciting digital twin, efootball, with open arms.

With nine continental football tournaments and fifteen continental club championships on offer, it’s no wonder that matches draw in huge numbers of spectators who are always champing at the bit to watch their teams lock horns, place their bets on their chosen winner, and back their favourite team.

One recent example is Euro 2020’s heart-breaking or glorious (depending on whether you ask an English or an Italian fan) final back in July, which peaked at around 18.5 million TV viewers in Italy and a whopping 30.95 million in the UK.

Meanwhile, esports are also racking up some impressive numbers in their own right. On Twitch, efootball events were watched by 14,600 viewers this August alone, amounting to a grand combined total of 10.9 million hours of efootballing content consumed by users on the streaming platform.

Real-world international tournaments like Euro 2020 have also done their bit to boost demand for esports betting, as there was a marked increase in the number of people betting on efootball matches during this tournament. What’s more, the number of EsportsBattle efootball matches streamed by one of the leading betting operators skyrocketed between December 2020 and June 2021, increasing by 300%!

Traditional sports may still have the edge when it comes to viewer numbers, but this could be set to change in the near future. That’s why efootball tournament organizers like EsportsBattle are expanding the range of events they offer and streaming a fantastic choice of leagues around the clock! With a diverse array of competitions available for your betting pleasure all year round, along with lucrative competitions that offer gamers the chance to win prize money for betting on qualifiers and tournaments, such as the International Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, and Bundesliga, to name just a few, your chances of getting bored are slim to say the least!

So, what is it about efootball that’s got everyone so excited? Well, for starters, it’s very similar to regular football, which is why the transition from sports to esports is such an easy one for betting fans to make. However, the biggest advantage the virtual version has over its real-life counterpart is that matches are short and sweet, and viewers’ cups runneth over with endless action from their favourite leagues available to enjoy every day.

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