ZEBEDEE, a leading FinTech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, and Stattrak, the play-and-earn fantasy esports platform, announced a new product for fans of esports in some of the world’s biggest competitive games.

Stattrak, which started as a mobile app that lets users assemble fantasy teams in professional esports tournaments and earn Bitcoin rewards based on their team’s performance, now also features a web platform as well as more games, tournaments, and a brand new game mode.

With the new launch, fans of esports can assemble fantasy teams in popular games including Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Dota 2. Users can choose any player from any team in professional competitions for these games to assemble their fantasy squad. If their teams do well based on the performance of individual players, users receive real-money rewards in Bitcoin.

In addition, Stattrak is also introducing a new Prediction mode, where users can predict the results of single matches in a tournament, adding more depth to the platform and offering additional opportunities to win.

The system is powered by ZEBEDEE, a leading payments platform for the gaming industry, which enables instant and programmable Bitcoin transfers to users anywhere in the world. This gives Stattrak the ability to send amounts as small as $0.0002 automatically if a user’s team performs well.

Users can then cash out to the ZEBEDEE app, where they have several options to use their earnings, including buying gift cards for 5000+ products and services or paying their bills without ever leaving ZEBEDEE. This removes the need for users to exchange their Bitcoin or learn anything about cryptocurrencies to use their rewards in an easy and seamless way.

“Stattrak’s fantasy esports platform is a great complement to the ZEBEDEE ecosystem. People who love gaming love interacting with it in multiple ways, and actually playing is just one part of it. Stattrak is a great example of how we can go beyond pure gameplay to offer a holistic rewarded experience within the gaming sphere,” Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE, said.

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By George Miller

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