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G FUEL and Rare Team Up for “Battletoads”-Inspired Zitz Juice


G FUEL — The Official Energy Drink of Esports® — has once again partnered with Rare Ltd. and has announced its brand-new flavor, G FUEL Zitz Juice – inspired by Battletoads – is now available for pre-order at GFUEL.com while supplies last.

The unique flavor celebrates the 31-year history of Rare’s iconic amphibians, the Battletoads – Rash, Pimple and, of course, Zitz – and features the sweet and sour taste of green mango. The Collector’s Box includes a 40-serving Tub and an exclusive 16 oz Battletoads Shaker Cup you won’t find anywhere else. Zitz Juice is also available as a standalone Tub.

This marks G FUEL’s second collaboration with Rare following a special Honey Berry Collector’s Box inspired by the publisher’s fan-favorite Banjo-Kazooie franchise.

The partnership was brokered by Rare Ltd.’s brand extension licensing agency, Tinderbox — the digital division of Beanstalk.

G FUEL Zitz Juice is sugar-free and packed with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine plus proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes.

“Battletoads has been putting players’ skills to the test for three decades, so Zitz and his fellow Toads absolutely needed their own G FUEL flavor to keep its many fans focused and energized. Zitz Juice – yes, that’s really its name – is a delicious, fun way to celebrate an enduring franchise, and it was great to collaborate with our partners at Rare to bring it to life,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan.

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