The esports industry has hit all of us hard with its bang on performance level. Although professional gaming is yet not an official sport across the world, it has huge hype among both gamers and non-gamers. These esports events and tournaments are on the rise throughout the province of Canada as well, and the best part is they are backing support from some of the best gambling operators. Bet365 Ontario for instance has listed various features backing esports tournaments coming on the front lately. Also, they assist in captivating thousands of spectators and make them grow in number with splendid performance visibility.

In the arena of competitive gaming, there are multiple esports events that are going around, the best one has been segregated for you and has been scrutinized by a respective group of people. The top 5 esports tournaments that you must keep in mind this year are listed below:

CS: GO – ES: Pro League Season 15

The event is scheduled for November 23, 2021, and will be ending on April 10, 2022. It is an online event with a prize pool calculative up to $850,000. This is the 15th season of Counter-Strike Global Offensive and the title itself created a huge hype among gamers. The game is scheduled for spring break this year and the most awaited moment is the winning championship team this year.

The tournament is widely open to the European teams and operates in a group stage with four round format groups. The winners then play followed by steps leading to the semi-finals and finals. The playoffs correspond to the semi-finals and the best of five proceeds to the grand finale. Whether you are a Canadian or not, if are fond of international gaming, do not miss Counter-Strike.

VCT Champions Series

The Valorant’s performative first season was held in 2021, it was a blast, and the champion team received prize money of $350,000. The current year watches Riot Games taking over the tournament formats with an announcement of VCT 2022.  The prize pool set this year for the winners is the same as the previous year, which is $350,000.

The event’s stage 1 Challengers has been scheduled for February, followed by the masters in April, Stage 2 Challengers in May/ June, and the final master and qualifier series to be conducted in the month of August and September. So, as gamers, you have 7 months to get entertained with one of the exciting tournaments on the catch.

Dota2 Pro Circuit

The current reports show that DOTA2 Pro Circuit is back on the stage again this year. Tree tournaments in the game have been scheduled till August, one of the leading and enthralling esports tournaments as waited by the gamers. The event has been divided into three categories starting from February 12 to February 27, the second stage from May 11 to May 17, and the third stage is planned from August 4 to August 14.

The international game will be an exciting visual, it will be entertaining to watch the best teams of DOTA2 performing around for qualifying for the battle. The major gaming sessions will be conducted by One esports and PGL. There is no exact prize money record found until now, it is yet to be decided. Also, the location is yet to be decided.

Rocket League World Championships

Rocket League esports 2021-2022 World Championships season will be commencing from July 2022 and will be happening online. The championship is expected to have two stages for the very first time: the first one being the new World Championship Wildcard and the other one, the World Championship Main Event. The series has separate games in different seasons, in winter, spring, and fall, each of these seasonal competitions corresponds to some regional events ultimately leading to international majors.

Consequently, points that are gained from these regional and international majors have been used towards achieving the Rocket League World Championship. In case you are fond of competitive gaming but are not so much into esports, this league is the one for you.

League of Legends World Championship

The LoL World Championship is the League of Legends’ biggest tournament and is returning this year for the twelfth time, in Mexico City, Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. One can consider the tournament as the epitome of the LoL competition, in which 12 different teams from distinct regions will compete with each other for the ultimate World Champion title. A complete collection of 24 teams appearing from the Riot Games professional league is anticipated to participate in the Autumn series this year.


Take it in the field of competitive gaming or leisure gaming, esports has gained a massive fanbase over the recent years. Are you already hyped for the tournaments yet to arrive? However, there are numerous gaming opportunities in the market, among which you need to make a choice of which game or event you wish to get into. The article has listed the top 5 esports tournaments that cannot be missed in 2022.

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