Moving into the world of Esports betting, the Colombian market is searching for new ways to adapt to the up and coming market that is currently in its infancy.

As the move from classical online gambling shifts towards e-football (soccer), virtual gaming and generally, Esports, it’s no wonder that companies in Colombia are looking to join forces with Altenar’s state-of-the-art sportsbook software that offers gamers, bettors and operators an opportunity to access the new-wave of online gambling: Esports.

This partnership and melding of minds between Altenar and Vinnare Group is new, however, Vinnare Group has been operating in Colombia since 2019, meaning that they have a vast scope and understanding of the Colombian market and the demands of the customers in the region.

Could this be one of the main reasons why Vinnare Group chose Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, as their go-to sports betting professionals?

Let’s take a look …

Vinnare Group: A Bet To Back

As Vinnare Group and Altenar celebrate their recent partnership it seems only right to understand what Altenar offered the provider after such a lengthy stint without their sportsbook software.

This choice could have been attributed to a number of factors, from Altenar having access to several data providers, a customisable back office and front-end layer, the use of widgets, and access to AI technologies through Oddin which offers a host of Esports betting capabilities.

Oddin recently partnered with Altenar adding Esports to Altenar’s already highly-successful sportsbook. This partnership means that companies like Vinnare Group can offer their customers a breadth of entertainment that’s moving with the times and is able to offer something beyond classical sports betting.

Amidst the success of adopting Altenar’s software, Vinnare Group might open the eyes of many other operators in Colombia, and the world, as a greater shift towards Esports betting grows in numbers and popularity.

Vinnare Group have expressed their reasons behind their sportsbook provider choice, where a spokesperson said, ‘for us Altenar have the high knowledge, know-how, experience and most importantly: innovation to achieve any goal in a regulated market.’

The flattery of Altenar extended to ‘the risk management with Altenar is superb and allows us to make efforts in other departments of the company in order to improve our brand. The work from both companies is very clear and with a high-importance on supporting each other’

Altenar – A Look To The Future

As Esports grows in infamy the forward-thinking minds behind Altenar’s growing success understand that the new-wave of sports betting is here to stay and is adapting what sports content they offer to operators and customers alike.

In doing this, and proving to be a reliable source for data, content and experience, the team behind Altenar’s software are demonstrating why they’re where stability meets flexibility and this has driven many online operators to Altenar’s figurative front doors.

An adaptable sportsbook software and provider might be the key to success in this relatively new-found interest in Esports betting that is slowly but surely growing in popularity around the world.

After all, it’s always best to have a trained professional at the helm of these endeavours and that’s why Vinnare Group, Altenar and Oddin make the perfect sports betting trio amidst the industry’s new-wave.

You can learn more about Altenar from their website and by requesting a demo, to see why stability meeting flexibility just might be the key to your success.

In the words of the sportsbook software provider … Let’s talk!

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By George Miller

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