Private Exchange System Looks to Provide Operators and High-Volume Bettors Improved Liquidity Matching and Pricing

Esports Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced esports wagering products and technologies, announced today that it has filed a new patent application covering various embodiments of a novel esports betting exchange system. The patent application describes a private betting exchange model that is configured to offer operators and high-volume bettors greater liquidity and improved pricing in an esports betting environment where large bet sizes do not impact market prices.

The systems and methods described in the patent application relate to users’ ability to subscribe to certain betting markets, such as esports games, teams, players, and the like, and be grouped into larger order blocks, which leads to better liquidity matching and enhanced pricing for electronic gaming platforms. The technology provides an exciting new way to participate in esports betting.

Bart Barden, COO, Esports Technologies, said, “The private exchange described in this patent application could substantially elevate the esports wagering experience for high-volume bettors and traders. Our team will continue to refine the technology so that we can deliver the most engaging esports betting exchange platform.”

This filing represents the latest addition to Esports Technologies’ portfolio of advanced wagering offerings. In August 2021, the company filed a provisional patent application for a technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate odds models for use in a betting algorithm for esports tournaments and various stages of a tournament. In June 2021, it filed a patent covering a proprietary live streaming technology that integrates sports and esports wagering across many of the most popular streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Hulu, among others.

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By George Miller

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