navi,-faze-clan-and-team-vitality-players-star-in-a-new-blast-premier-video-series-in-collaboration-with-gg.betNAVI, FaZe Clan and Team Vitality players star in a new BLAST Premier video series in collaboration with GG.BET
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The BLAST Premier YouTube channel has released GG Chronicles, a series about the lives of famous esports players sponsored by GG.BET. In the first season, you’ll be able to find out which Tier-1 player captained a football team, who turned down a life in accounting for a gaming career, and who escaped falling in with a bad crowd thanks to esports.

The first episode of GG Chronicles will delve into the past of Finnish player AleksiB, the now in-game leader of NAVI, champions of the first ever CS2 Major in Copenhagen. The second episode will tell the story of his Latvian teammate jL, who was the MVP of that same tournament. We’ll then jump over to Team Vitality to get to know mezii, the winner of the last CS:GO Major in Paris, for our third episode. The final episode will give us VIP access into the life of FaZe Clan’s frozen. FaZe Clan made history in Antwerp in 2022 when they became the first international team to win a CS:GO Major.

GG Chronicles is a collection of personal stories which prove that behind every star champion is a normal person with the same fears and weaknesses as the rest of us. Each episode will show the players you know and love in a new light, as we follow them through the world of esports and share all the highs and the lows their journey entails!

The series came to be thanks to the year-long partnership between BLAST Premier, the organizers of the world-famous series of Counter-Strike tournaments, and the betting brand GG.BET, who are currently making a name for themselves in the gaming world as an enthusiastic supporter of the esports industry. The creators plan to release another 10 episodes by the end of 2024.

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