ewear-launches-the-first-functional-gaming-suit-for-esportseWear launches the first functional gaming suit for eSports
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The aim.one is a suit especially for gamers and their gaming needs. It is the first product from start-up eWear and will be brought on the market in Q1 2024.

„There is functional clothing for every professional sport – for soccer, tennis, golf and so on. But what doesn’t exist yet is customized clothing for eSports. We’re changing that,” say the founders.

The gaming suit consists of a hoodie and pants with a total of nine gadgets. They are used for heat dissipation, air circulation, targeted moisture absorption, increased concentration, flexibility and padding. Their deliberately asymmetrical arrangement also offers the gamer optimum support in terms of focus, reaction speed and grip.

As a pioneering product, the suit is specially designed for computer gaming. „Gamers no longer have to compromise when it comes to clothing. The aim.one is aimed at anyone who wants a perfect thorough gaming experience“ explain the founders themselves.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched in Q1 2024 for the product launch. An adapted version for console gamer and a short-sleeved shirt will follow.