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Following the recent partnership, in a unified effort to combat the presence of online abuse in sports, the International Esports Federation (IESF) is now supporting the campaign led by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and United Against Online Abuse (UAOA). By joining forces, the IESF reaffirms its commitment to creating a fair digital environment that upholds the principles of humanity, sportsmanship and respect for athletes.

International sporting federations and NGOs have come together in the first-ever industry-wide barometer survey to express grave concerns about the harmful effect that online abuse is having on sports and its competitors.

Among the headline findings of the survey, undertaken by the United Against Online Abuse campaign, was a concern among the 22 sporting federations and NGOs that participated that abuse is driving sports stars from the competition.

Online abuse puts sports at risk of losing stars – UAOA survey finds:

  • United Against Online Abuse campaign releases findings of first-ever industry-wide barometer.
  • The survey takes perspectives from global sporting federations including FIFA, World Athletics, UCI, ITF, World Netball, FIM, FIA.
  • 75% of the respondents to the survey reported that competitors regularly face threats of harm against themselves or their families.
  • 66% of federations believe that social media platforms should do more to tackle online abuse, with 90% expressing fears that the issue will prompt stars to leave the sport.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, Founding Partner of UAOA and President of the FIA, said: “Online abuse is a persistent issue within the sporting world. A number of international federations have voiced their concerns via our barometer survey and in regular discussions we have held since the campaign launch in 2022. The survey findings highlight the importance of united anti-abuse efforts across sporting ecosystems and beyond.

“As part of the UAOA campaign, the aim of our coalition is to rid our sport of the scourge of online abuse. Together we seek to bring about behavioral and regulatory change to create a safer, more harmonious environment free of abuse, hate speech, and harassment. We already have the support of a number of sporting bodies and governments and are in discussions with other stakeholders to grow our support base.”

Boban Totovski, General Secretary of the International Esports Federation, said: “The International Esports Federation is built on respect, not rage. Whether you’re a pro player or a weekend warrior, let’s spread positive vibes and make Esports a community, not a battleground. Level up your sportsmanship, not your toxicity. Remember, the real victory is respect, not burning books. Let’s make Esports a place where everyone feels welcome.”

By Niji Narayan

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