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Oddin.gg is proud to announce its exclusive official data partnership with the esteemed tournament organizer PGL for the upcoming Major Copenhagen 2024. This collaboration marks the first Major for the newly released game Counter-Strike 2 and represents a significant milestone for the esports analytics and betting solutions experts, aiming to transform the esports data market.

The world’s elite Counter-Strike teams are set to gather in Copenhagen, Denmark, a nation with a rich history in Counter-Strike. They will compete for the title in what is expected to be the franchise’s most significant Major in recent years. It will be the first Major ever in the updated Counter Strike 2 title, faster than before as it is played in a smaller number of rounds. The aim? To smash viewership records and elevate the fan experience to unprecedented heights. Given the high hopes of the successor to the hugely popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is no surprise that Valve, the publisher behind the franchise, leaves the organization of the premier event in the safe hands of PGL, one of the top esports organizers globally.

Oddin.gg, a market leader in providing cutting-edge betting solutions, marks its foray into the official esports data market with this deal, following up on the DPC regions acquired last year in Dota 2. Making a series of strategic moves into the official data segment, Oddin.gg is uniquely positioned as the only company on the market to fully leverage the esports value betting chain at every step of the way. The company will offer both its products built around the data, which means engaging odds, sophisticated risk management tools and services, esports-centric iFrame, and comprehensive widgets, as well as data API and trading stream to those partners who want to utilize the data within their infrastructure.

Marek Suchar, Managing Director and Co-founder at Oddin.gg, expressed excitement over the collaboration: “We are thrilled to be pushing the boundaries once again, and doing what others are not capable of doing: finally directly connecting two worlds we deeply care about. On one hand, we have PGL, the apex of esports, renowned for its elite production quality, premier tournaments, and unparalleled viewership. On the other, there’s a roster of our esteemed clients like Betway, Stake, Yolo, Altenar, Betby, among many others. We’re thrilled to bridge these worlds, leveraging data from the first even Counter-Strike 2 Major to enhance fan engagement through dynamic odds and interactive widgets. Our robust risk management system is critical to provide PGL with valuable real-time insights on any potential suspicious betting activity, positioning Oddin.gg as a safeguard of the integrity of such a prestigious event. By closing the loop, we ensure all involved parties maximize their benefits, thereby enhancing revenue generation and promoting long-term sustainability.”

Speaking on behalf of PGL, Silviu Stroie CEO, highlighted the synergistic nature of the partnership: “PGL is constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with our community and safeguard the integrity of the game. Teaming up with Oddin.gg allows us to harness the full potential of our esports data, creating novel avenues for fan engagement and introducing fresh market innovations. We are happy to see the continued evolution of the esports market, and can’t wait to see what Oddin.gg has to offer.”

The Main Event is scheduled from March 17-31, 2024, the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen will feature 24 top-tier Counter-Strike 2 teams, qualified through RMR, battling over a $1,250,000 prize pool. The event promises to be a landmark in esports history, showcasing exceptional talent and competitive prowess. With millions of fans watching worldwide, the event is more than just a tournament; it’s a global celebration of skill, strategy, and the spirit of esports. Qualifiers – from Open through to RMRs – take place in the new year starting in early January.

Prepare to be part of the thrill at the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 – a not-to-be-missed spectacle for esports aficionados everywhere.