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Formula E: High Voltage, the world’s first official Formula E video game, will launch on 19 October 2023. Formula E: High Voltage is a racing management game developed by Animoca Brands and Amber that leverages the energy-efficient Flow blockchain to grant fans and players digital ownership over all their in-game items, which are NFTs. Formula E: High Voltage is available at https://FormulaEHighVoltage .com; all new users will receive four NFTs (two cars and two drivers) allowing them to play for free and take control of their very own racing team.

Formula E: High Voltage features elements of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship including the iconic city centre tracks of Rome, Berlin, New York, and London. Players manage each race by choosing the best cars, drivers, and special abilities to ensure optimal performance in various weather conditions as well as day or night races.

Each car and driver in Formula E: High Voltage is an NFT of a certain rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary – including a few rare foil assets per rarity tier) with a special skill drawn from a pool of over 100 skills. Collecting, training, upgrading and managing drivers and cars before, during, and after a race is key to building a racing empire in the game.

The current GEN3 race car – the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and efficient electric race car on the planet – will be available in-game. Players will have a broad selection of fantasy and official cars and drivers including the current 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Champion Jake Dennis and his Andretti Porsche 99X Electric GEN3.

Formula E: High Voltage is part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, which also includes the licensed racing blockchain games MotoGP™ Ignition and MotoGP™ Guru, as well as original titles REVV Racing and Torque Drift 2.

Formula E: High Voltage operates on Flow, the sustainability-focused blockchain and leader in energy efficiency, to deliver environmentally sustainable entertainment to the open metaverse for players across the globe. Flow’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism is extremely efficient, and in simple terms that means that minting an NFT on Flow takes less energy than making one single post on Instagram or a Google search.

Founded to counteract climate change by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, Formula E is the first sport in the world to be certified as net zero carbon since its inception. Formula E: High Voltage operates within a net zero carbon strategy and commitment.

With more automotive manufacturers on the grid than any other racing series, Formula E is recognised as a purpose-driven innovator, working closely with global carmakers and commercial partners to develop sustainable mobility technologies that improve the performance and efficiency of electric road cars.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, gaming director, Formula E, said: “We are excited to partner with Animoca Brands, a proven leader in the gaming industry, to launch Formula E: High Voltage. Gamers will get the chance to engage with Formula E and our racing in a dynamic new way. We are confident they will enjoy the gaming experience, and will be more likely to follow the teams and drivers competing in the Championship.”

Will Griffiths, vice president of commercial strategy, Animoca Brands, said: “The upcoming launch of Formula E: High Voltage in partnership with Formula E marks an exhilarating moment for us. Fans and players alike will not only immerse themselves in the excitement of the race, but also enjoy the advantages of true digital ownership brought by NFT and blockchain technologies.”

Marty Caplan, head of innovation vertical at Amber, said: “We take pride in placing innovation first, which is why this project was a great fit for all parties – it allowed us to pour our game development experience, curiosity, and passion for technology into the world of Formula E and combine it with the deep engagement of decentralized collectible games spearheaded by Animoca Brands.”

Starting on 17 October 2023, 8,500 Solo NFT Crates and 9,000 Team NFT Crates will go on sale at the Formula E: High Voltage official website at https://FormulaEHighVoltage .com.

The Solo NFT Crate (US$20-30) will include one official or fantasy car or driver NFT. The Team NFT Crate (US$119-149) contains two official or fantasy Formula E cars and two official or fantasy Formula E drivers, with one NFT guaranteed to be an official car or an official driver of epic or legendary rarity. Buyers will require a Blocto wallet connected to the Flow blockchain and can purchase the crates via the REVV token.

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