The Esports Awards, the most prestigious night in the esports calendar, is excited to reveal the finalists for this year’s Pro and On-Air and Collegiate awards. As some of the most highly anticipated categories, this year’s finalists include the likes of Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, G2 Esports and Heo “ShowMaker” Su.

This year’s Esports Awards will officially be returning to a physical event taking place on November 20th at the Esports Stadium Arlington. The Esports Stadium will provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of celebration and prestige which will be attended by some of the biggest brands, organisations and personalities from esports and beyond.

The finalists for the Pro, On-Air and Collegiate were announced as part of Esports Awards 6th Spotlight Show of the year which was hosted by Thom ‘F.’ Badinger with guest hosts Parker ‘Interro’ Mackay and Jess ‘JessGOAT’ Bolden. The show played host to the Creative Corner segment where George Nowack interviewed Rich Lock, Jess and Parker went head to head in the ultimate quiz challenge and FaZe Crowder was interviewed by Fdot.

The full list of Pro, On-Air & Collegiate finalists are:

Esports Coach of the Year in partnership with Expedia

  • James “Crowder” Crowder
  • James “Mac” MacCormack
  • Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu
  • Andrii “B1ad3” Gorodenskyi
  • Dyjair “Mity” Soares
  • Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun
  • Arthur “TchubZ” Martins
  • Emiliano “Sizz” Benny
  • Andrey “Engh” Sholokhov
  • Byung-chul “Moon” Moon
  • Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland

Esports Controller Player of the Year in partnership with SCUF

  • Chris “Simp” Lehr
  • Justin “jstn.” Morales
  • Eric “Snip3down” Wrona
  • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris
  • Joseph “Mang0” Marquez
  • Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez
  • Jack “JBM” Mascone
  • Dominique “SonicFox” McLean
  • Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey
  • Victor “Fairy Peak!” Locquet

Esports Controller Rookie of the Year in partnership with SCUF

  • Jamie “Insight” Craven
  • Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez
  • Raúl “DmentZa” Palazuelos
  • Eli “Standy” Bentz
  • Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez
  • Marc “MaRc_By_8.” Domingo
  • Andres “dreaz” Jordan

Esports Mobile Player of the Year presented by Verizon

  • Zhu “paraboy” Bocheng
  • Mohamed “Mohamed Light” Tarek
  • Gabriel “Syaz” Vasconcelos
  • Mustafa “SkYRiiKZz” Ibrahim
  • Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno
  • Jash “Learn” Shah
  • Piyapon “TheCruz” Boonchuay
  • Brian “Tectonic” Michel
  • Lucas “LucasXGamer” Vinícius Batista Rocha
  • Cauan “Cauan7” da Silva

Esports Organisation of the Year

  • LOUD
  • 100 Thieves
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FaZe Clan
  • NRG
  • Fnatic
  • Cloud9
  • T1
  • Envy
  • OverActive Media

Esports PC Player of the Year

  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev
  • Luccas “Paluh”  Vinicius Molina
  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo
  • Heo “ShowMaker” Su
  • Wang “Ame” Chunyu
  • Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang
  • Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov
  • Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin
  • Jae-Won “LIP” Lee

Esports PC Rookie of the Year

  • Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki
  • Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla
  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo
  • Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin
  • Adam “Adam” Maanane
  • Valeriy “B1T” Vakhovskiy
  • Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov
  • Se-hyun “Pelican” Oh
  • Robin “Robinsongz” Sung

Esports Team of the Year in association with Secretlab

  • Atlanta FaZe (CDL)
  • The General NRG (Rocket League)
  • Natus Vincere (NAVI) (CS:GO)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Rainbow 6)
  • DWG KIA (League of Legends)
  • PSG.LGD (Dota 2)
  • MAD Lions (LoL)
  • Gambit Esports (VALORANT)
  • Shanghai Dragons (Overwatch)
  • Sentinels (VALORANT)

Esports Analyst of the Year

  • Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler
  • Emily Rand
  • Jacob “Pimp” Winneche
  • Jess ‘JessGOAT’ Bolden
  • Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont
  • Kyle “melonzz” Freedman
  • Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson
  • Sean “sgares” Gares
  • Jason “moses” O’Toole

Esports Colour Caster of the Year

  • Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill
  • Mohan “launders” Govindasamy
  • Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley
  • Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson
  • Thomas “Chance” Ashworth
  • Andrew “Vedius” Day
  • Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler
  • John “Johnnyboi_i” MacDonald
  • Stephen “Sajam” Lyon

Esports Host of the Year Presented by Arlington.Org

  • Eefje ‘sjokz’ Depoortere
  • Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez
  • Soe Gschwind
  • James “Dash” Patterson
  • Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden
  • Ana Paula ‘Ana Xisdê’ Cardoso
  • Loviel “Velly” Cardwell
  • Tres “stunna” Saranthus
  • Brody “Liefx” Moore
  • Ghassan “MiloshTheMedic” Finge
  • Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons
  • Chris “Puckett” Puckett

Esports Play by Play Caster of the Year

  • Parker “Interro” Mackay
  • Alex “Machine” Richardson
  • Miles Ross
  • Trevor “Quickshot” Henry
  • Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines
  • Mitch “Uber” Leslie
  • Callum “Shogun” Keir
  • Owen “ODPixel” Davies
  • Lauren “Pansy” Scott
  • BrunoClash

Esports Collegiate Program of the Year

  • Northwood University
  • Boise State University
  • Maryville University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of Hawai’i
  • Buckeye Gaming Collective – Ohio State University
  • Longhorn Gaming – University of Texas at Austin
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Illini Esports – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Winthrop University

Esports Collegiate Ambassador of the Year

  • Dr. Chris “Doc” Haskell
  • Adam Antor
  • Chris Turner
  • Ariane Lim
  • Ryan Johnson

“I’m really excited to unveil the final set of finalists for this year’s awards which is set to be our biggest and most prestigious event yet. With less than two months to go, the team is hard at work making sure that this year’s ceremony is packed full of celebration, excitement and special surprises,” said Michael Ashford, CEO, Esports Awards

The Esports Awards is delighted to announce Expedia as the Official Travel Companion for this year’s ceremony. Expedia will work closely together with the Esports Awards on creating a number of ‘epic moments’ for attendees, viewers and fans showcasing the globality of the awards.

Other partners for the Esports Awards 2021 include The Koyo Store, Sizzle Creative, Touch of Ginger, SCUF, Arlington CVB, SecretLab, Make-A-Wish, Skullz, and Verizon.

Esports Awards 2021 key campaign dates for the rest of the year are:

  • October: The Go-Home Show building up to the main event
  • Saturday 20th November: The Esports Awards 2021 Ceremony

By George Miller

George Miller started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.