The International Esports Federation has announced the PanAmerican Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), the European Esports Federation (EEF) and the African Esports Association (AESA) as the latest Continental Esports Federations to join the World Esports Family.
With the signing of these three regional federations, IESF has now unified all continents in the world. Driven by its values of unity, inclusion, and respect, IESF believes this kind of international cooperation will advance the growth of professional Esports, streamline organizational structure and support the development of smaller nations in the PanAmerican, European and African regions.
IESF Secretary General  Boban Totovski said:
“It is a very exciting time for IESF to welcome PAMESCO, EEF and AESA to the World Esport Family. IESF is proud to serve as the unifying body for our member federations that share our goal to develop sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide. IESF will continue to push forward with embracing all Esports stakeholders into our World Esports Family and shape the future of Esports. It is our responsibility to protect our member’s integrity and ensure proper structure in the ecosystem”
EEF President Karol Cagan said:
“It was a natural direction for Esports Europe to partner up with IESF. The role of the International Esports Federation is important to us and taking into consideration the assistance during our Nations Cup competitions, we are honored to open a new page in our history. Together, we will be an incremental part of the development of  the ecosystem in Europe, ensuring proper governance, responsible gaming and healthy youth.”
PAMESCO President Alexander Ospina said:
“We fully understand the international sports system in which we have a Sole Governing Body for each sports category, working with WESCO since the beginning as our Consortium, and with our National Federations developing Esports in America, we are more than happy, honored and ready to be under the Umbrella of IESF as the International Sole Governing Body of Esports. We are creating a solid and safe Esports ecosystem to leave a beautiful and proper legacy.”
AESA President Emmanuel Oyelaki said:
“Africa today celebrates its ascension to the World Esports body, IESF. This is the culmination of many years of solidarity and camaraderie on the African continent. Leaders in Esports in Africa have continued to unify and develop the Esports scenes on the motherland and today their sacrificial leadership has been validated as we embrace the IESF and join in the journey towards strengthening, developing, and unifying the global Esports world. We are very delighted to be a part of the very warm, inclusive, and progressive family that the IESF is.”

By George Miller

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