The signing makes mamabenjyfishy the first-ever mother of a professional gamer to be signed under a major esports organisation  

Galaxy Racer (GXR), the biggest esports, gaming and lifestyle organisation, headquartered in Dubai, with market presence in the Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, Europe and South Asia, has signed renowned professional Fortnite player, Benjy ‘benjyfishy’ Fish’s mother, Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’ FIsh, as a new content creator.

The signing comes after an informal agreement with mamabenjyfishy and Galaxy Racer while competing at Galaxy Racer’s most recent Fortnite Tournament, the Aubameyang Cup, where it was agreed if Anne placed in the Top 50, the esports organisation would offer her an official content creator contract.

As an official Galaxy Racer content creator, mamabenjyfishy will be streaming Fortnite, producing educational and entertaining YouTube content as well as playing in competitive Fortnite tournaments. She also hopes to keep improving her skills and master Fortnite as well as being seen as a positive role model in the esports community and to help encourage more inclusivity.

Both parties share a joint passion for nurturing greater inclusivity within gaming and esports as a whole, with Galaxy Racer one of the only major esports organisations supporting competitive female esports rosters. Galaxy Racer is also the organiser in Dubai for the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival – the first and only ‘Esports Festival’ to celebrate women’s competitiveness in video games.

With an impressive online presence and reach of over 900k followers worldwide as a competitive gamer and content creator, the supermum is also manager to her professional Fortnite gamer son, Benjy ‘benjyfishy’ Fish.

Anne has also stepped into roles as an esports mentor, advising players on the administrative side of going professional and advising on how to manage their gaming with other commitments in their lives. She is also an advisor at COPE (Coalition of Parents in Esports), where she seeks to help educate parents about esports and how their children gain transferable skills from gaming, which can be used in various industries and sectors.

Galaxy Racer was launched in 2019 and has already become one of the biggest esports organisations globally. Alongside its esports teams, managing tournaments, lifestyle merchandising and even a record label, Galaxy Racer also boasts some of the biggest content creators in the MENA and Asia regions.

Carrying over 80 content creators with a reach of over 330 million followers and over 2 billion monthly views across all platforms, Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’ Fish joins an impressive roster of content creators at Galaxy Racer.  This includes some of the biggest YouTube channels with over two billion views including Abo Flah, the biggest and fastest-growing gaming channel in the Arab speaking world.

Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’ Fish commented:“I am excited to be the newest addition to the Galaxy Racer content creator team. Being a mum and manager of a professional gamer, I hope my knowledge and experience will help educate players and other parents about the positive aspects of esports.”

“As the first-ever mum of a professional gamer to be signed under an esports organisation, I hope this encourages more inclusivity within the esports industry, highlighting all the positive aspects of gaming as well as encouraging other parents to discover the game for themselves!”

Galaxy Racer CEO, Paul Roy commented: “We are thrilled to announce mamabenjyfishy as the newest addition to Galaxy Racer’s constantly growing content creator team. We have already onboarded some of the biggest content creators globally and are excited to sign the first-ever mother of a professional gamer.

“Having proved her Fortnite skills at our recent tournament, The Aubameyang Cup, her years of experience in the industry, including managing benjyfishy, and a shared passion for nurturing greater inclusivity within gaming and esports, we are proud to welcome Anne into the Galaxy Racer family.”

By George Miller

George Miller started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.