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Ivan “Lazar'” Lazarev joins as a Sports Director. Ivan is a former professional player of the CSKA basketball team, Euroleague, and the VTB United League champion. Ivan will combine his new role with commenting on Dota 2 matches in the RuHub Studio. Lazar’s duties include working with players and coaches to build an optimal training process, monitoring players’ psychological and physical condition, coordinating the work of a psychologist and physical training coaches, as well as working with team managers to implement new training plans.

Ivan “Lazar'” Lazarev, Sports Director:

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their trust. I am really happy to join the Bears!

I have spent my whole life in professional basketball clubs. My interests have always included working on building a team and developing team-building programs for young athletes. Most of the disciplines competes in are team-based, so my experience will be useful. Establishing communication and understanding within teams will be one of my most important tasks. I am glad to share the experience of building work processes from traditional sports to the system”.

Sergey Glamazda, CEO:

“We have been thinking about what skills and background a sports director should have for a long time, and we have focused our search on an employee who hasn’t grown up in the industry so that he could bring something fresh and new for us. Ivan has been a professional athlete of the highest level for many years, he felt the pressure of fans in the arena, he competed for championships many times, he knows the logic behind building a training process, and he has experience of solving crisis situations within the team. At the same time, he himself loves esports and has already become a part of it. Therefore, Ivan is exactly the person who will share his many years of experience from classical sports with our teams  and will help us get closer to the coveted championships.”

Nikolay Petrossian, ESforce Holding Media Director, Head of and RuHub:

“We are glad Ivan gets a new opportunity for development in esports. He proved himself as a talented and responsible caster at RuHub, and now he will be able to share valuable expertise from the world of traditional sports in to make the teams of the largest Russian esports club stronger and more effective. Such cooperation will be beneficial not only for him, but to and RuHub as well. We wish success to our talent both in a new role and as a great caster of our studio!”

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