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FTX Becomes Official Cryptocurrency Exchange of LCS

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has named FTX as its Official Cryptocurrency Exchange. The new seven-year partnership with FTX represents the largest sponsorship agreement Riot has ever signed for an esports league.
Starting this weekend, fans will notice FTX branding on the LCS broadcast around the most valuable currency in League of Legends: Gold. Player net worth, total team gold and those rollercoaster gold graphs will all be presented by FTX. Additionally, FTX will directly sponsor the LCS Most Improved Player Award, to be voted on by a cross-section of Rioters, media and team representatives.
“At the forefront of every LCS partnership, we consider the sentiment and interests of our fans. This data strongly informs our decision-making process, helping us hone in on partners who are relevant to our audience and can elevate the LCS for years to come. Those metrics pointed to a direct interest in the crypto category, where FTX stands out as an innovative, thoughtful leader in a space our fans understand. Together, we’ve only just begun to press our advantage,” Riot Games said.

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