YCP Solidiance, an Asia-focused strategy consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong, has published a white paper titled “The Next Level: The Rise of Esports in the Philippines”.
The paper emphasises the country’s potential for exponential esports growth, noting the massive number of active players and their history of enthusiasm towards video games since the early 2000s. The Philippine eSports industry currently has over 43 million active gamers, a number growing steadily by 12.9% yearly since 2017.
The paper explores the current landscape of Philippine esports and the history of global esports growth, highlighting the different factors and measures to replicate esports’ success in the local realm.
Key Takeaways to Grow the Philippine Esports Industry
Opening up investment opportunities in the local esports sector requires a delicate balancing act between three key success drivers:
A healthy competitive environment: Competition is the foundation of esports, and necessitates constant stimulation for the gaming community through a structured tournament system.
Production Value: The delivery of an esports event acts as an introduction for the viewers; it helps them digest it better and appreciate the contest. Leagues need to have compelling stories in high-quality “packaging” to be able to hook audiences.
Accessibility: The industry needs to prioritise making esports more culturally acceptable for Filipinos in order for the sector to succeed as a mainstream sport.

By Niji Narayan

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