The Tango High School Cup is the first sports competition in Luxembourg exclusively for high school students. The Tango High School Cup aims to integrate high school students throughout the competition with the goal of strengthening the sense of community and belonging within the high schools.
The concept combines esport and gaming while integrating music from artists from the Luxembourg music scene (e.g. Chaild, Zero Point Five, Nicool). The music is offered in partnership with Konektis Entertainment. The dynamic and fun streams are presented by the Luxembourgish influencer/streamer collective “Merspillenzesummen”.
So far, the Tango High School Cup has not only been limited to the gaming aspect, but has also been able to integrate esport educational content with the intervention of scientists from the German Sports University Cologne, one of the most renowned institutions in the field of sports at European level.
The figures show that the Tango High School Cup has found its audience! With almost 550 participants from 38 different high schools, 13,726 unique spectators and a total of 18,666 views, the Tango High School Cup is currently the most viewed esports event in the Grand Duchy.
The last two cups (“Cup”) will be played in duo mode on Brawl Stars (19 June 2021) and Fortnite (26 June 2021). They will be followed by the grand final of the Tango High School Cup on 10 July 2021.

By George Miller

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