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EPOS Becomes Official Audio Partner of Sprout

EPOS has become the Official Audio Partner of the German esports organisation Sprout. As per the deal, EPOS will provide headsets and other audio equipment to Sprout’s players.
“With EPOS we have the perfect partner to meet the auditory demands of a professional esports team. We want to offer our players the best possible solution to utilize their full potential. Now we can support this with innovative products,” Sven Thomas, Executive Manager of Sprout, said.
“We are thrilled to join forces with Sprout as Official Audio Partner. In throwing the full weight of our exceptional engineering, technology and product portfolio behind the team, EPOS will elevate Sprout to the next level of competitive gameplay, through total immersion and unrivalled accuracy in audio and communications. We look forward to joining Sprout as they build on the incredible success so far,” Steven Smith, EPOS’ VP of Global Sales, Gaming, said.

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