Tampax is to host its first-ever Tampax Gaming Fest live on April 16 at 8 pm EDT on Twitch via KittyPlays’ channel and across VENN streaming channels.

Through this Gaming Fest, Tampax aims to normalize period conversations in esports through support and unity – giving gamers with periods a deeper understanding of their menstrual cycles and how to unlock their power, whether to improve performance or build stronger relationships in gaming.

“We [Tampax] were happy to learn so many talented female gamers are fueling the growth of esports, but concerned that many in this community still consider period conversations taboo. We’re excited to support these extraordinary players and help break down period stigmas through an event that will unite them, foster their continued success, and inspire future gamers,” Camille Zahniser, Brand Director of North America Tampax, said.

Tampax Gaming Fest will host a virtual panel featuring top gamers Katherine Gunn and Rumay Wang and multi-media personality Erin Ashley Simon, to unite and educate female gamers, and all gamers with periods, through shared experiences. With Twitch influencer Kristen Michaela as the moderator, this group will discuss their experiences as women in a male-dominated industry, the power women can harness when they learn more about themselves and their bodies, and most importantly, how to live life without limits.

“If you had told me seven years ago that I would be participating in a tournament hosted by a period brand, I would have been so hype that making a career out of playing video games had come this far. I love that a brand like Tampax has stepped up to support and validate female gamers by encouraging conversations about our experiences and bodies. Our shared mission to help women feel their power and move towards acceptance of our periods as a positive force is such a perfect fit,” Kristen Michaela, Tampax Gaming Fest Panel Moderator, said.

In addition to the panel discussion, all-female identifying Valorant teams TSM, CLG, and Dignitas will participate in a live tournament on Twitch alongside a fourth team of skilled amateurs brought together by Tampax. Casters JessGoat and KatGunn will provide commentary on the tournament, where the teams will have the chance to win a share of a $10,000 prize pool.

By Niji Narayan

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